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PTLArts is about being Creative. With a growing input to a number of creative practises the aim is to establish a sustainable arts practise. This means taking skills into the community and enabling a wider variety of people to explore their creative potential. 

In 2013 Patrick Turner-Lee had a heart attack and then started to paint. He now has a studio in Brighton UK and has already been selling paintings all over the world. He formed PTL Paintings in 2015 and is now also actively working on projects in other creative arenas.


How to commission a portrait 

CHOOSE your medium your dimensions even the colours you would like Patrick to concentrate on. He is not proud and pleased to have the challenge and help you make a dream come true. 
Own a truly genuine and beautiful oil painting of someone you love or admire. A one of piece of work that will last for lifetimes.

All for an affordable price and made to order in a time frame that suits you. Not only that if you don't like the end result then don't buy it. I am sure you will love the end result as a growing number of clients are started to see.


Check what our clients say about us

It was great working with Patrick after seeing his artwork I was inspired to think about my family and how would like all of my children and my wife to be painted by him.

When you have a family and you think about Legacy I thought would be a beautiful way to remember all my children, and for them to have something special that they could pass on to their children. I had a discussion with Patrick about their various qualities and characteristics of my boys then Patrick set about painting them.

The results were fantastic. I wanted the paintings to be finished their birthdays and Patrick delivered bang on time.

Can't wait for my next painting !!

Christopher Nembhard

Movement Therapist

I decided to do something different and a little special for my Nan on her 82nd birthday, my nan is super creative and often paints things (like a tree in her garden - yes she painted the actual tree!), so I booked a painting session with Patrick for Nan and I.

It was fantastic, very hands-on. The experience was paced perfectly. Patrick knew where to start, when to move on and when to reflect.

He taught us some valuable lessons, in painting, creativity and in life! I would highly recommend booking Patrick for your painting lesson, creative guidance and high-art experience today!

Very grateful for the memories and the art we created, that we now have to cherish.

Jesse Connor

esports expert

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