Paintings with colour from the heart to brighten up and excite!


Completely original images to remind you of something


Favourite iconic images recreated in oils

Commissions for all families

Remember and for legacy commissions at reasonable prices

Personalised Portraits

  1. Check that you like my style of painting first of course. I am definitely not everybody’s cup of tea
  2. Send me a message or email to say you are interested and we can arrange to have a meeting online or in person
  3. We can meet online or in person to discuss the project
  4. We will need to negotiate a suitable price based on size and presentation
  5. If you want to you can be fully involved in the process


New Work all the time

Each year I begin with a plan to produce a particular number of paintings. This started in 2018 with 24 paintings of seascapes and portraits. The determination changed everything with over half of the paintings selling by the end of the year

I am now represented by the wonderful and will be producing numbers of work to fit in with four seperate exhibitions throughout the year

Hello, I’m glad you’re here!

I never dreamt or even had the desire to be a visual artist. So I am as surprised as anyone to be making and selling paintings. The life changing moment came and fortunately for me I have had the opportunity to work on it. There are many maxims to take on board in this journey but what I do feel is hope. At last I feel hope for humanity and the future.

Here are a few of my favorite things

Commission Sold

The client was very specific and this made the work much more straightforward to complete

Painterly commission

I listened to John Coltrane and was able to communicate with his soul


One of my first sales and successful portraits. I started to paint famous people to see if anyone would recognise them

Chilstone Garden Centre — March to May 2016 – Joint Show
Old Boat Community Centre — June to September 2016- Solo Show
Arch 20 Gallery Ramsgate Harbour – October 2016 – Joint Show
Woods Restaurant Tunbridge Wells Pantiles – Nov 2016 – Group Show
Trinity Church Tunbridge Wells – Nov 2016 – Group Show
Jubilee Library Brighton – January 2 weeks – Solo Show – 2017
NVT Theatre – Hove – Month of April – Solo Show- 2017
Taplow Court Court nr Maidenhead – Month of December – 2017 Joint Show
Jubilee Library Brighton – January 2 weeks – Joint Show – 2018
St Augustines Saint Augustine’s Arts & Events Centre – 3 Paintings – 2018 -2020
Laughing Dog Restaurant and Gallery – March 2018 – Joint Show
Jubilee Library Brighton – July 2 weeks – Joint Show – 2019
Taplow Court Court nr Maidenhead – Month of June – 2019 Joint Show
St. Pauls Church Worthing – Month of October – Solo Show- 2019
NRG Cavern Worthing – Joint Show- October 2019 -March 2020
Foodilic Restaurant – Brighton- September 2021 – 2023

Presently exhibitting and one of the resident artists at Liberation Gallery in Brighon

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