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What we do

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PTL Arts came into being after a good friend took to calling me PTL instead of Patrick. I was born in Bognor Regis as JPA Turner and married and became Patrick Turner-Lee. Hence PTL has now become the name of my newly formed career.

Always creative I never considered myself a visual artist. I worked for many years as a manager in a mail delivery company. Then, in 2013 on Xmas day I had a heart attack. During my recovery period, I started to draw and then paint. I was completely new to painting. By the end of 2014, I started painting with oils and immediately began to sell my work.

I have a studio in Brighton and regularly take on commissioned works. I have sold work in Washington, Tokyo, Ohio, Milan, Bonn and all over the UK.

Portraits tailored  upon request


The substrate is stretched onto stretcher bar frames. On consultations the client will make a decision about the size of the portrait after consulting with me. I stretch my own canvasses and then apply glue and Gesso primer before beginning the painting process


The canvas or linen substrate is treated with PVA glue and PVA size. When this has been applied a number of times Gesso is painting on top. I paint with pure oil paints as I find any mediums to be unhelpful to my painting process and also they can be harmful to my respiratory system.


In general I have developed a process working with photographs of the subject. If possible I try  to find out about the subject and if it is possible to have a sitting all the better. Personality plays a big part in the painting of a portrait. I will build up a relationship with the subject and build up layers of paint over several session in my studio space. I can provide updates to progress if the client is interested and have video calls if necessary.


There are examples of general pricing in my shop. For a commission the costs will vary depending on size and complexity of the subject matter. I will stick to a quote that I will give and pride myself on completing work to time. If the painting needs to be shipped this will be free and if you are not happy with the finished product of course you will have a full refund.

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why we do it


As well as portraits I have completed a number of seascapes of different proportions. I find these works allow me to express free-form. I have lived by the sea most of my life and although not a nautical type by any means the thought of living inland is not an option.

Not just a Painter

Poetry, music and Painting are my creative outpourings .................

Contact Information

Find us here: 66 Southampton Street
Brighton and Hove

Email:  patrick@ptlarts.com

Phone: 07411720596




It was great working with Patrick after seeing his artwork I was inspired to think about my family and how would like all of my children and my wife to be painted by him.

When you have a family and you think about Legacy I thought would be a beautiful way to remember all my children, and for them to have something special that they could pass on to their children. I had a discussion with Patrick about their various qualities and characteristics of my boys then Patrick set about painting them.

The results were fantastic. I wanted the paintings to be finished their birthdays and Patrick delivered bang on time.

Can't wait for my next painting !!

Christopher Nembhard

Birthday Treat Art Lesson

I decided to do something different and a little special for my Nan on her 82nd birthday, my nan is super creative and often paints things (like a tree in her garden - yes she painted the actual tree!), so I booked a painting session with Patrick for Nan and I.

It was fantastic, very hands-on. The experience was paced perfectly. Patrick knew where to start, when to move on and when to reflect.

He taught us some valuable lessons, in painting, creativity and in life! I would highly recommend booking Patrick for your painting lesson, creative guidance and high-art experience today!

Very grateful for the memories and the art we created, that we now have to cherish.

Jesse Connor

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