ART WORKFLOW – Art a Business

By Patrick Turner-lee | 90 day challenge VIDS

Jan 15

Some Basic ideas getting mapped

In the previous blog, I talked about working in the way that you make your Art. I shared the key points that will link me through to a long term goal. After researching a number of methods that are all really useful I have I have taken some that are appropriate to my work and designed my own summary map.

I realise that I don’t have to do anything the way I am told. Even if I don’t get anything else from this process, the realisation that I am able to do this is amazing. For me, the power of making paintings has helped me become free from old habits.

So let us have a look at the elements in the map — Here are some basic ideas to build on by no means exhaustive

Key Ongoing activities

Create new work – Sometimes it can be hard to get on with stuff for no seeming reason. I decided to make up 24 paintings at the beginning of last year. This lead to me having 5 exhibitions and selling more work then I had up until that point.

Create content and videos – This is for me I am now getting more used to recording stuff on camera. All of this work is really useful to enable the foundation of your brand and process. Not all the content is going to be fantastic. This is the same as our artwork, well mine for sure. The action of doing leads to understanding for me.

Plan ahead – I don’t always find this easy and definitely is a weakness that I still need to address. I tend to respond to immediate requests and miss a trick with an exhibition or event

Maintain continuous research – During the last couple of years, I am amazed how the profile online changes so fast. It is important for your online presence to keep looking at what is going on

Customer Relationships

I put QVAC in here because all dealings with customers and clients are crucial. If I go to a restaurant for years and then go there one night and the service is below par I am most likely to give it a miss next time. I try my best to complete work for customers in good time and with lots of kindness thrown in. So important for the future of my business.

Market Place
When we look at social media and lead generation there are many ways to analyse your customer or avatar. I have just put some examples of where I need to provide content. This will take time to gain momentum. I feel this is a good thing. I need to really understand who wants my services and work

Multiple revenue streams are the future. I’ve sketched in a few ideas. I am sure you have many of your own. It’s good to brainstorm on this over and over again as you get to understand the audience that will begin to emerge.

So this is a small summary that shows how I am piecing my ideas together. There are many more threads to this basic model. I just want to give an idea that may help you get started. I will expand on some of these points over the next few weeks