Golden Gate embellishment project – Breakthrough creative block

written by Patrick Turner-lee | Art Blog post, Art Practise

October 25, 2022

It is easy to get stuck in a rut. I like to set myself new challenges to keep up my passion for my art. This year has been challenging. Anxiety levels are manageable a lot of the time as they transform into creative drive. For me, the levels of anxiety were beginning to debilitate me.
I started to work with watercolours and then had the idea to embellish them with acrylics. I have now started working in a dark room with black and white photographs. The images are inspiring new work in my painting with oils. I have also re-ignited the framing of images. One thing leads to another and now I feel a distinct balancing of my high anxiety levels. Now I need to let you know about my new work so I can share it with others.

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