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Mar 25

3 More Leadership Ideas for Artists

90 day challenge VIDS , Art Practise


Leading oneself in a dynamic way

Continuing on a journey into Joe D Batten we now look at three more points in further detail. As a result, we have some powerful ideas to build a robust mindset.

I am an artist and trying to take my art practice to the next level, therefore I need to strengthen my mindset.

Let’s look at some more quotes from Joe D Batten. I looked at vulnerability, warmth and consistency in the previous article. If you are tired of reading articles and want to see a human being I have a Youtube channel too,

It is our mind that decides where we are heading. When we get more involved in creating content, for example, it is easy to lose focus and then stop. How do I know? This is precisely what has already happened for me.

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Mar 22

3 Leadership Tools for Artists

90 day challenge VIDS , Art Practise

Leading oneself in a healthy way

Leadership can conjure up an idea that we are lead by, or lead someone else.

I am an artist and trying to develop my practice. Already I am getting an insight into many things. Mindset is a recurring theme.

Let’s look at some quotes from Joe D Batten. He talks about the many factors that help to make a great leader in business. These qualities are useful and can help us develop meaningful relationships.

It is our mind that really leads the way in whatever we are doing and we can spend hours making a great plan, only to lose our way.

When you take the first step with any endeavour there may well be a period where you are full of energy and ability to make progress really quickly. As you go deeper into the tasks this can change.Continue reading

Mar 16

Creative Courage – Art of Change

90 day challenge VIDS , Art Practise

Not creative but want to be?

Let’s blow this myth out of the water. Everyone is creative and its part of the human condition. I am willing to allow some sort of dialogue about this one. Here are some points to consider.

So why does it matter anyway?

I strongly believe that when the human race taps into its full potential, all the problems that we face can be transformed. Of course, we are surrounded by miseries of some kind or other. Wherever we are at the moment the potential from within is more needed than ever. This is creativity, a potential to initiate and new action.Continue reading

Mar 14

3 Reasons NOT to stick to Goals

90 day challenge VIDS , Art as a business , Art Practise

All of my recent artwork and associated projects have been goal driven. There are more advantages to fixing goals than working without them. Including daily activities where you can check in to see if you are using your time in the best way you can. Over a period of time, I have found a foundation for my long term goals.

To break down the flight path into do-able chunks is incredibly helpful too. Invariably I have days where the energy level is suspect. The ability to complete the tasks in hand that were set when my energy level was high is also questionable.Continue reading

Mar 11

5 Quotes to Inspire you to make Paintings – Henri Bresson

90 day challenge VIDS , Art Practise

Doubts and realisations

After a rush of complications and a series of doubts and realisations, I am stepping up my art practice and starting what could possibly be a large project. I am going to make some big paintings.

I have an idea for the project. It is going to be called “The Onlookers”. I have been painting landscapes and portraits for the last few years and I want to combine the skills I have developed into scenes.

After talking with a friend I have referred to some quotes from Henri Cartier Bresson. Here are 5 quotes followed by my response and how they may relate to my project and the art of painting.

Many moments to capture

“Thinking should be done before and after, not during photographing.”- Henri Cartier-Bresson

Clearly in painting the need to be free from criticism or any other blocking action is helpful. With practice, this becomes easier to identify. Look at the object and deliver paint onto the canvas. There are no mistakes just marks and they all have a purpose.

“Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson.

So an immediate reaction could be deemed as instinctive. In a sense, the process that I have been developing is about responding at the moment of painting. Whilst completing a portrait I will revisit the moment time and time again until I have established a strong relationship with the subject.

This can continue for many days and could be different than meditation. I do however experience a zone or flow state. Perhaps the connection is another way to describe the moment or collection of moments.

“I believe that, through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

So during this growing art practice, my awareness of myself and consequently those things around me has heightened and sharpened up. As the action of making paintings grow my understanding of my own life and it ebbs and flows becomes reassuringly stronger.

Making Creative work Improves your wellness

“You just have to live and life will give you pictures.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

This leads to being able to live life being ever more in touch with your potential. This striving mindset is challenging to maintain. The benefits become cumulative and therefore tangible. Like all good things, it is hard to believe that they will continue to grow and give value. So far the continual growth is a reflection of continuing efforts.

“To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

Finally, in relation to painting, there are many moments of recognition. The task is trusting a multitude of fractions. We are incredible and see so much detail in such a short time. We have the reflexes to translate these into images. So again the health and wellness of creative making has clear benefits.


Feb 25

Importance of Creativity – Health and Wellness

90 day challenge VIDS , Art as a business

Went to a great workshop today with a bunch of creatives and there is no doubt about it being with like-minded folk can’t be beaten, can it??

Creating content to share

So I came away refreshed. Able to reposition my self in the world and in my situation. My realisation and confidence increased greatly as I realised that all of the work I have been doing creating content to share and create value is beginning to take root in my life.Continue reading

Feb 24

Two Poems – Thought Collage – Painting with words

90 day challenge VIDS , Art Practise

Back in Broken Directions

Primary category

Tackle a Jack of all trades

Dismayed at a junction without lines

Where a car can crash on instruction.

One eye working on behalf of another

No big deal just a function An alternative to reality

Bullied internal questions crushed

Must be the weather, or the pressure from blowing.

Showing a weakness

Unable to hide

Sat beside the discursive equation

With qualified chieftains waiving the creeping illusions

Repelled by building ships into seaside bunkers.

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Feb 19

10,000 hours of practice – Expert or not?

90 day challenge VIDS

Can 10,000 hours of practice really make you an expert at anything?

The widely touted theory, highlighted in a 1993 psychology paper and popularized by Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, says that anyone can master a skill with 10,000 hours of practice.

Been thinking a lot about the 10000hours debate. So if you put 10000 hours into anything, then you can be approaching a high or even excellent level of expertise. If I just look at some of the basic realities, what initially seems like a simple path to follow quickly becomes difficult. Here are three examples that come to mind.Continue reading

Feb 18

How to understand resistance, our creative self without studying for a degree

90 day challenge VIDS

Resistance – Helps you take off

When an aeroplane takes off it is pretty stunning. Well for me anyway it took me years before I even ventured out of the UK where I live. I went all the way to Australia at the tender age of 26 years. I felt like an explorer and so when the flight took off my heart was pounding.

It still amazing me how these huge objects can float in the sky. Of course, I have a limited understanding of the physics behind it, certainly not enough to build one myself. It is all about resistance, isn’t it? The machine drives forward and it is the resistance in the air around the wings that enable it to leave the heavy pull of gravity.

We may well be familiar with the aspect of resistance when endeavouring to open up pathways in our efforts to connect with others. This can depend on how much we try to push forward at speed moving outside of our comfort zone. This can be striving to build relationships with those that we may have avoided.Continue reading

Feb 14

Success or Happiness – Selling Art online

90 day challenge VIDS , Art as a business , Art Practise

So what is it to be successful or even happy

A lot of the economic growth model wonderfully embraces the idea that success and happiness exist in the same place and that is not where failure and misery is.

It is a strong message that is driven into our subconscious at such an early age. Then I guess we imagine that success is being strong-minded and sticking to your plans and being hard faced emotionally.

Some of us are naturally built with these qualities and indeed can have elements of success but not necessarily happiness

Is happiness important??

When we start to see that our own fulfilment is a purpose of living rather than a self-gratifying act our perspective begins to shift.

The key to happiness is understanding what it might look like and recognising that to be true it will invariably involve other people. Indeed happiness is now being measured as an international parameter to validate nations.

It is interesting that the highest marker for people in all different situations is their relationships with other people. Albeit their close relatives or friends. Still, this is an important point and why is this so vital in how we develop our lives.

The indicators are strong for creating value for others. Surely this is a cause for building a foundation of happiness in our own lives as well. If we start to view an art practice and an art business with a practice in this way all of the barriers to continuing to begin to lose their efficacy.

Creating value for others

Back to content. As you see from this argument the process of creating or giving value to others is a crucial key to our happiness. In other words, the value we give unconditionally will naturally return to us. In my experience, this can manifest itself as a deeper understanding of my relationship with the bigger picture.

The Universe is continuing to support me when my intention is to create value for others through my efforts. In business, at some point, the exchange of money as energy will be able to take place. If this is the sole intention then I believe the place of happiness in the formula will become absent. On the other hand, without some exchange of money, the expansion needed to create more value for more people becomes difficult.

Money and Happiness

This leads to the question of money and happiness, doesn’t it? Money can give you more choice. I say can because this is purely dependant on the relationship that you have with this energy. I am still working on this relationship. We can be programmed from an early age that money is more or less important than it really is. It becomes increasingly important if we haven’t got it. At the same time having a lot of it can be equally distressing for some.

So selling Art as a business covers all of these paradoxes, doesn’t it? We have the value for ourselves, manifested in our art and the way we feel about it and consequently our own self-esteem. Then we have the deepest reality within our own reaction and relating to others. Finally the exchange of value in the sense of money energy. I keep coming back to this conversation so that I can become clear about where I am with all of these relationships. These are all part of my happiness but also tools to enable me to create value for others.

Interesting isn’t it !!!!!!

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