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Success or Happiness – Selling Art online

So what is it to be successful or even happy

A lot of the economic growth model wonderfully embraces the idea that success and happiness exist in the same place and that is not where failure and misery is.

It is a strong message that is driven into our subconscious at such an early age. Then I guess we imagine that success is being strong-minded and sticking to your plans and being hard faced emotionally.

Some of us are naturally built with these qualities and indeed can have elements of success but not necessarily happiness

Is happiness important??

When we start to see that our own fulfilment is a purpose of living rather than a self-gratifying act our perspective begins to shift.

The key to happiness is understanding what it might look like and recognising that to be true it will invariably involve other people. Indeed happiness is now being measured as an international parameter to validate nations.

It is interesting that the highest marker for people in all different situations is their relationships with other people. Albeit their close relatives or friends. Still, this is an important point and why is this so vital in how we develop our lives.

The indicators are strong for creating value for others. Surely this is a cause for building a foundation of happiness in our own lives as well. If we start to view an art practice and an art business with a practice in this way all of the barriers to continuing to begin to lose their efficacy.

Creating value for others

Back to content. As you see from this argument the process of creating or giving value to others is a crucial key to our happiness. In other words, the value we give unconditionally will naturally return to us. In my experience, this can manifest itself as a deeper understanding of my relationship with the bigger picture.

The Universe is continuing to support me when my intention is to create value for others through my efforts. In business, at some point, the exchange of money as energy will be able to take place. If this is the sole intention then I believe the place of happiness in the formula will become absent. On the other hand, without some exchange of money, the expansion needed to create more value for more people becomes difficult.

Money and Happiness

This leads to the question of money and happiness, doesn’t it? Money can give you more choice. I say can because this is purely dependant on the relationship that you have with this energy. I am still working on this relationship. We can be programmed from an early age that money is more or less important than it really is. It becomes increasingly important if we haven’t got it. At the same time having a lot of it can be equally distressing for some.

So selling Art as a business covers all of these paradoxes, doesn’t it? We have the value for ourselves, manifested in our art and the way we feel about it and consequently our own self-esteem. Then we have the deepest reality within our own reaction and relating to others. Finally the exchange of value in the sense of money energy. I keep coming back to this conversation so that I can become clear about where I am with all of these relationships. These are all part of my happiness but also tools to enable me to create value for others.

Interesting isn’t it !!!!!!

5 Quotes that get the Votes – Selling Art online

A good practice to get the grey matter investigating your heart and where it sits in relation to your work and consequently the why are you doing it the question is to look at what great artist minds have commented on themselves.

I have picked 5 quotes today and will respond to them as I see them today. Naturally, each day can have a different angle to the observation. We do this in our work as well maybe ???

Tell your own story, and you will be interesting. Louise Bourgeois

Brilliant observation and extremely pertinent for me at the moment. I really am becoming more convinced that by investigating our own life story or stories we are bound to uncover how it is that we make our work. Our stories are like the sketches or preparation that we carry out when we make a piece of work. Continue reading

Connect with your Audience – Selling Artwork online

Schooner Watercolour on paper

There are many ways to connect with the people that are going to become attracted to our artwork in fact probably many more than you might think

I am going to show you how I in 5 years have gone from never having painted a picture in my life; well since I was a tiny tot. Well, about 8 or 9 perhaps; oh ok I did some weird stuff in my bedroom when I was stoned in the ’70s. I think it is called high these days. Yes, doodles with splash paint and I used black gloss paint as the background. Continue reading

Art Quotes – Art Inspiring thoughts

Watercolour on 300gsm paper

Another Inspiration session for the depleted spirit

As all creatives and most people no doubt the same have times where we lose the bite of motivation.

Perhaps work becomes so tedious that either the duvet or other distractions start to eat into the art practice. The truth is that this struggle is inherent in the whole process of life.

It is just now that I can say that the time has come where I am taking on this battle. Partly because my age dictates to me that it is now or never. So inspiration and also reflection is one way that we can develop a strong and resilient approach to these negative and perfectly natural resistances. Let us have a look at some famous quotes from Artists that can help us consider and reflect and motivate. Continue reading

Inspiring Artist quotes – Inspire Business

Inspire and reflect

Brighton Pavilion

So to the weekly look at some inspiring quotes. We all need to recharge and inspire the source that resides in our sometimes tired hearts. So I have picked a few famous observations from amazing artists.

“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” Vincent van Gogh

I am seeking is an action to take. Seeking can mean to find a way forward. This doesn’t necessarily manifest as a glamorous act. Seeking a way to get something simple done can be as a monumental task.

Seeking could be something to strive for in itself. When we have that exhausted feeling it can be just getting out of the door. For an artist scratching something onto a substrate, or just making a start a decision. The more progress you start to make the more resistance you can feel. Continue reading

Build a business like you build your art — Art a Business

Inside to out planning PTLARTS


Now unlike many amazing characters on the internet, I am not able to offer you a quick win. The issue for me has been searching for a place in my heart that is aligned to working online with my artwork.

So it is interesting that most people decide in a few seconds whether they want to continue to stay on an image whilst browsing on the internet. There are some great guys on the screen who shock you into watching them and then convince you that there answer to your problem is in their domain and if you hang in there you will get some of it.

The reason there are not hundreds of artists trying to do that is I guess it just doesn’t fit. I notice even with my own paintings that it can take quite sometime before I really like them. I will be pleased that I have completed them but it takes time to build a relationship.

To a degree, this must be the same for most visual artists in the fine art arena.

Long term relationships build trust

So what do we do about this dilemna? I am coming to the conclusion that you do what I am doing now. Make attempts to build the relationships that will enable a growing number of people to see your work on a regular basis. Consequently, I am hoping that you will be one of those new friends that will be able to see my work more than once and appreciate it and maybe show someone else.

So this of course only one part of the business model. Let’s have a look at a summary of what I have been talking about in the videos up until this one.

So I have made this sheet to reflect the way I approach the beginning of a painting in my process of working.

I start from the middle of the canvas. So I have put Why in the middle of the canvas. This is few words to get me started.

Why – I do recommend checking out Simon Sinek on YT for his talk through the why on a business level. I put why in the middle because at times we can forget this. My why is that I want to do three things consistently in everything I do with my art practice


So Reveal your Brand or the artist within you. For your business brand is a great way to start because we all understand what that might mean. For an artist, it is useful always to generate new ideas. This could be a broad range of work to appeal to a wide audience.

We can reveal the talents we didn’t know we had. Maybe on video for example
Reveal our weak areas so that work can be done to become able to tackle new things

Let’s create value for ourselves and others.

Of course, take these points if you find them useful and expand on them. This will begin to open some doors in your heart.

inspire yourself- This may be different for each one of us. I enjoy watching inspirational videos and instructional ones too. I find it much easier to take it all in. Hence I do a blog and a video. It becomes important to allow our potential clients to have different ways of connecting with us

Inspire others – Online this can be content where you share your work and process

Create value for others — Content and selling them your work !!


Social media — Build up an understanding of how the platforms can work for you. Think BRAND and let your personality begin to shape your online presence. It is amazingly powerful when you come across someone who is willing to share their lives without banging on about taking your money.

Start to talk about your plans to those around you. Be surprised at yourself

1-2-1- connection with working artists.

So this is my first stab at showing you where I am going with this. I feel more confident in allowing time to get this show on the road. As an artist who has a desire to be at the centre of my workflow, this is a great option to use the incredible resource that we have right in front of us.

These are exciting times indeed


Art and Wellcare – Art a Business

Making Paintings improves my wellness

The advantages of making paintings have obviously improved my wellness. I had been pushing myself to exist in the economic growth environment and be one of the box-ticking members of society for a number of years.

During this time and on reflection, struggles were challenged. Many of these have been beneficial to the development of aspects of my character but not necessarily much use to my general health. This manifested as a heart attack that happened on Christmas day, 2013.

Here was a final call to action. Over the years a number of events occurred that most cognisant beings would have recognised as a loud call. My programming was what some might describe as a protestant work ethic. Others may discuss them as a clear case of denial.

Breakdown to Heart Failure

Ten years before the heart failure I had a breakdown. I was sitting staring at my computer in an office; frozen and pale. A work colleague came into my room took one look at me and suggested that I went home. I got in my car and burst into uncontrollable floods of tears. I hadn’t really slept properly for many years and my body was not producing the necessary chemicals to help me do this.

I was off work for quite a few months and decided that I should quit my job and do something different. I have three children who were at this point 6,8, and 10 years old. I made perfunctory explorations into more valuable means of supporting them. Then I went back to work on a part-time basis, still with the determination to change.

Quite quickly part of my consciousness decided that the job wasn’t that bad and after all, I knew how to get by. I then went back to full-time with the decision not to do any extra work. OH, that goal had a huge hole in the net. Before long I had a job with twice as much responsibility as the one that had put me in the situation to start with.


So clock forward 7 years and I had a seizure. Long story short nothing was diagnosed. I kept having minor episodes but this denial response continued.

Fortunately for me, two years later heart failure stopped me working. Even then my employers tried to get me back for a year. I had many times where I nearly did just that!!!! Amazing how strong this programming is.

At the same time, I started to draw and then paint. Amazingly I started to sell paintings. A light went on and I realised that if I applied myself at some point I could have a great life based on my artwork.

Time to Help Others

I set up a small business and to my credit, the first two years saw a small profit with no impact on my domestic costs. That was quite an achievement.

Last year I thought it would be cool to get online with my story and see what developed. So here I am with a new website that I have built

I am on the second iteration of a free online course that shares some of my ideas on how to paint. Through this process, I am beginning to feel that not only can I help people paint but I may also have the tools and personality to help people get their creative endeavours up and running.

At the same time, I hope to introduce people to the possibility of changing this wiring preferably at a quicker rate than it has taken me.


Art and Relating part2 – Art A Business

More on Relating

Another spin around my studio in Brighton UK. It is a great town well now a small city. It is on the south coast of England about an hour directly below London.

There is a great spirit here that helps me, particularly in the creative process. Lots of people doing stuff that is out there and a definite buzz that I love. Actually, I prefer to be here than anywhere else. Continue reading

What makes us happy in life? – Art a Business

Minimal watercolour

When it comes to our well-being, other people matter.

Evidence shows that good relationships – with family, friends and our wider communities – are important for our mental wellbeing.

Mental wellbeing means feeling good about ourselves and the world around us and functioning well.

Building stronger, wider social connections can help us feel happier and more secure, and give us a greater sense of purpose. Continue reading