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Price you Artwork — Art a Business

So my first question is how valuable is your time. It is interesting, , isn’t it? Many of us go to work for years and get paid an hourly wage. This can vary and we can lose sight of the time, our life, that is employed in earning someone else a lot more money than we are getting.

Some artists say that they can’t make a piece of work unless they are inspired. I will look at this in some articles later on but on the pricing artwork angle, I would say make art and then get inspired. Put the horse before the cart.

There are so many things that I can do towards growing an art practice that are NOT about making paintings but enable me to approach my work with more confidence. So the approach of waiting to be inspired is not one that I aspire too.

I want to look at 3 points today about pricing artwork.


It is common for the size of a piece of work to dictate the price. As you probably know this is not always a true reflection of the work involved in making the work. Small pieces can take months to complete, whereas large ones can be a lot simpler to create.

In most cases, the materials do not have to play a great part in the overall final fee but sometimes they will be an important factor.

Sometimes, of course, it is difficult to put a price on the time you spent doing something. I tried for a while keeping a note of how long it takes to make a painting. As I am sure you all know this varies. What has improved is my understanding when to say okay that’s it move on.

Invariably I have sold two different paintings for the same price when I am well aware that one took me a lot longer than the other.

This is our secret, however. Equally the client or customer usually will have no idea how long it has taken. They have connected with it that is the most important thing.

In reality though if you have genuinely put 100hrs into a piece of work then that is worth a lot of money.

Now it must be time to think about making some work that takes less time. This will be your medium or low-cost items.

I have recently started to make Watercolour paintings and plan to sell them at the lower end of my price scale. All the time you do these assets is building in your portfolio.

Also involved in all considerations is the flight path of your business of selling your own paintings.

Revenue Streams

I have recently started to make Watercolour paintings and plan to sell them at the lower end of my price scale. All the time you do these assets is building in your portfolio.

Ideally, you want to start thinking of different revenue streams here are some of my planned revenue streams.

Gift cards — Some of my images are ideal some not
Postcards — Useful free offer as well for hardcopy ads

Watercolours — Originals and prints with mounts and frames if required (learn how to do you own it is doable)

Prints — Of all paintings some as Giclee limited edition

Portraits — Already done like Hendrix etc..
Portraits Commission — More cost of course
Landscapes — Already don
Landscapes Commissions

Tee shirts — sold some with Hendrix and Miles Davis already also good advertising

Other merchandise etc……

There we go something to think about. It is exciting when you let yourself think about it !!!!!!!!


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