Crushed matron Sullen glance and slovenly dressed: she staggers in tatters Flattened papers dancing in

Crushed Matron – Thought Collage – A Poem

Umbrella Complete Pink sails Melting hearts In shimmering detail Stretched as eyes of distance Pressed

Poem- Thought Collage – Umbrella Complete

Watercolour on paper A4 Watercolour on paperA4 Grey Parade Day Grey Parade Day Princess Dream

Poem- Thought Collage – A grey parade

Surface Tension Skilled boatmen skim the wetland Bouncing from grass for a reason Sand between

Poetry – Two More Thought Collage

Back in Broken Directions Primary category Tackle a Jack of all trades Dismayed at a

Two Poems – Thought Collage – Painting with words

Reality Shows Heavy heart drawing lines Times and floating balloons Full of dustFeeling giddy Barriers

Reality Shows – Poetry – Parked in Silk