Life Is Creative – How Making Art Transforms Life”

written by Patrick Turner-lee | Art and Health, Art Blog post, Art Practise

September 21, 2020

​Everyone is Creative

​Not creative but want to be?So why does it matter anyway? Let’s blow this myth out of the water. Everyone is creative and its part of the human condition. Here are some points to consider.This myth is derived from strange narratives about what creativity is. Whether you can draw, write or play music is down to whether you actually do the activity. Creativity is a part of life, operating on all levels, day in and day out. Throughout my life, I have played musical instruments and written different forms of poetry. It wasn’t until I had a heart attack in 2013 that I started to paint. I didn’t think I couldn’t paint, just that I had never done it before.

​Open to Learning and Change

​I make paintings regularly now and learn something new every time. New ideas lead to original ways of viewing my life. This, in turn, has a beneficial outcome. The journey can be uncomfortable, the destination is the next journey. Creativity is allowing ourselves to be open to learning and change. We can think of creativity as being confined to the arts and believe we are not creative. The way we live out our journey can include acts that are far removed from making art but come from a creative spirit.

Everything to do with this process has shown me the importance of the creative spirit. It has saved my life. Now I realise the importance of being true to myself, more than I thought possible. If you want to paint or write, play music or make things and have this idea that you are not creative, just have a go. Resistance is part of the process, and the benefits and opportunities for transformation are infinite.-Patrick

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