Consistently Turning up is the Key to Success

written by Patrick Turner-lee | Art Blog post, Art Practise

September 17, 2020

Consistently turning up gets things done

When creating projects on our own, we can use leadership tools to identify some aspects that can stop the completion of tasks. Creative work demands a certain amount of discipline. The following points are an indication of my thoughts and certainly not prescriptive.

To make a decision and start a project. Whatever this looks like, the first step is turning up. Showing up and being responsible for the beginning.  Keeping a track and becoming accountable to yourself. The caring and concern for oneself in this process can be challenging.

In our engagement with others, commitment is so important. This level of commitment is useful when embarking on a creative journey. At times we can discover that an aspect of the project may need to change. Our flexibility in thought expands, and we learn to trust our decisions.

Confidence Weakens if we give up halfway

If you don't show up regularly, then you are unreliable.  When we build strong relationships, a foundation for future development is possible.

Just one missed appointment or deadline can destroy trust in a stroke. We expect the same from others. In the same way, our confidence weakens if we give up halfway.

It is also useful to praise strengths and acknowledge our weaknesses. We can learn from those who turn up on time and deliver on their promises. It is tempting to believe that we cannot do the same.  Check and see what our good friends are doing to achieve tasks.

What is their approach? Do they have any tips?

The resistance that comes up with any endeavour is what helps us grow.

Setting a project and investigating the process is a great way to identify the points above. We all make mistakes, and life gets in the way. It is not about blame but more about striving to transform. It is a challenge to change our deep habits.

The more I strive in life, the greater freedom I begin to experience.


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