Creating in your life – Helps build a resilient self

Everyone is Creative

Recent times have been an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the way we live our lives. Our health and wellbeing is dependent on our state of mind. Anxieties for many have been running high during the crisis we have been facing. In our life, we experience these emotional fluctuations, don’t we? It is part of being creative beings. The reality is that if we tackle a project, however small, we can see this process unfold.If you play sports, then it is training regularly that improves your performance. First, you want to do the sport and to complete the training can be arduous. It is the same for creating a piece of work. The desire to make something comes first and then learning through doing.

Resistance and Creation

Online business, as an example, demands an inventive spirit. It is an arena to develop a strong and resilient self. Making paintings is a battle between resistance and creation.Making a painting is like research. It helps me understand the ebbs and flows of life. I become more in tune with long term goals or targets. Make time and live the life that you want. Create your happiness rather than just living to work.The first step is to find out what it is you want. Then take action to make this happen. It is not going to be easy. You would have done it years ago if it was.

Live with no regrets

My story is just that, and as a young man, my desire to be a creative earning a living. It was curtailed, by a need to fit in and make a living. I  found a regular job and stayed in the company for 26years. I have no regrets, and I firmly believe that all my experiences contribute to my present situation. I suffered a heart attack in 2013 and during my recovery period discovered the joy of visual arts. It becomes pivotal that we have no regrets. My true self is now emerging.How do we break a habit of a lifetime? We take action however small, to counter-attack. Now is a time to consider what is the way to live life. Is it beholding to material comfort or working to reveal your potential?When we finally make a stand and take a step forward, everything will change. We begin to live a creative life.-Patrick

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