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Taking the Lead. This is our Choice

By Patrick Turner-lee

Taking the Lead

Are you a person who likes to take the lead?
Do you prefer to sit by and follow someone who has a great idea?

As a solo artist, being lead by others at first appears an anomaly. Taking the lead, in a situation, is a choice. What do we want to do? What is it that we want to share?

I am sure everyone considers these question at times. The mindset of the individual is more important than suggestions. If I am inviting people in with a need, the outcome will probably be unfavourable. When I invite people in with the willingness to help, a transformation begins.

We can strengthen our understanding by reaching out with some truths that we have. We are then able to enjoy a broader perspective. Then we develop our art practice.

Self-reflection and honesty and then a willingness to commit to giving to others will begin to transform our situation.

It is our mind that leads the way in whatever we are doing. We can spend hours making a great plan and then lose our way. Leaders let other people in and let themselves out.


About the author 

Patrick Turner-lee

Patrick Turner-Lee started painting following a cathartic health crisis in 2013. On Xmas day, he suffered a heart attack. While in recovery, Patrick discovered for the first time that he can paint. Since then, he has sold paintings worldwide and has a studio in the heart of Brighton on the Sussex Coast. As soon as he started to work, he sold work. This has continued to this day. Each year Patrick holds exhibitions, and now he is an artist-in-residence in Foodilic, a popular restaurant in the main shopping area of Brighton.

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