Complaint – Easy Route – Lousy Outcome

By Patrick Turner-lee | Creativity Interests

Nov 21

Complaint  – Easy Route Lousy Outcome

Wake up in the morning feeling like you haven’t really slept. Oh, its because I was upset last night just before I went to sleep, or maybe the neighbours were on the jolly because the weather has been hot. So does that give them the right, on a Sunday, to keep everyone awake with their music blasting? Well, I wouldn’t mind if they at least warned us. I mean, surely they planned it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess we can have a vast number of reasons to begin our day and indeed go through the whole of our waking life with a number of injustices that evoke feelings of being wronged. How much of this has become habitual? Now I a consciously beginning to investigate these responses I come to realise that I complain a lot more than I was aware.

Like many illnesses, a complaint has a cause, but instead of it being what we assume it is maybe it is actually our own response. In other words, the external factor that is supposedly causing our discomfort is actually a gift, not a hindrance.

Even while writing this observation I just had a phone call where a misunderstanding has caused more confusion. So tempting to complain. However, now I am on a campaign not to complain. I see that it is the easiest route to take, rather than taking responsibility for whatever it is that is happening.

Not complaining means opening up a channel for ideas to flourish and thoughts to connect in a constructive way. Also, this process takes effort, whereas complaining takes no effort. In all my creative energies become dissipated and I feel exhausted and also lack motivation. This is the effect of complaint. Guess what the effect manifests and can seem that it has nothing to do with the action. Such is the power of complaining.

I guess we can see the power of complaint everyday. Maybe it drives our interest in many things and our connection to life shrinking mindsets. Prejudice and exclusion spring to mind. I know that this is not exclusive to a particular set of people. It’s down to me. Yes, I do complain a lot an I hope that by writing this article I am making a conscious effort to change this disabling habit.

Patrick Turner- Lee