How to Connect and change without giving up your identity

By Patrick Turner-lee | 90 day challenge VIDS

Feb 06

Be Prepared to change

Once we look deeper at the way our body sustains itself throughout a lifetime we discover that we fact never the same from one moment to the next. Everything is renewing constantly. So why is it that we become fixed in our ideas about who and what we can achieve?

I am not a psychologist or a scientist but I have been alive for a while and am now beginning to understand a few things through experience rather than intellect. So is our perception and what we achieve in our life linked?

It is only in recent years that I have been able to see the correlation between what has happened at various stages in my life and how these events relate to my development as a human being.

As life goes on we get swept along by very important needs and circumstances, don’t we? Sometimes these can take over just about everything. Before we know it we can be responsible for a new life. This necessitates feeding, clothing and housing not just yourself but others. We are expected to know how to do it. At the very least know how to pretend that we know what to do.

How we react to situations

Then there is the way we react to these situations. Generally, these could be based on our understanding of how life works. My experience seemed of this is a mixed bag.

Work ethic comes to mind. I felt it was wrong to be ill and certainly that would be no excuse not to got work. Consequently, when I was supposed to be managing people my intolerance raged if people didn’t come to work. Partly because I would end up doing there work.

This meant I couldn’t really do my own work. So the illusion went on. A deep lack of wisdom came naturally to be coupled with a resentment bubbling underneath my daily work regime.

Gradually this eroded my health mainly. In hindsight, I was fortunate to keep my job as long as I did and so have developed a more healthy respect for those who continue to work in the challenging environment that I have now left.

Wisdom or the lack of it

There is a positive and negative side to all of our tendencies aren’t there. A lack of wisdom enables me to develop wisdom. A must work ethic means I am more able to take on new challenges. The list goes on.

In a sense, our possible clients are of course on a similar journey. I think self-reflection and taking not of our own inconsistencies can help us begin to think of our potential clients. An Avatar is important and can help us focus on the connecting dialogue that we are going to develop.

So if we are selling art it depends on many things who may connect with our story and hence our work. If we are sharing our expertise that could support researching a different Avatar.

Be yourself

Make a start at piecing together personalities that resonate with your particular artwork. I am sure you have a keen understanding of your particular genre and the outlook of your customers. It can be all to easy to come to simplistic solutions. Authenticity is what engenders trust. What does that mean?

We could think that to successful being somebody else could be an advantage. When I first started making videos I would be really fraught thinking how boring I am. After 100 videos I kind of started to get used to it. There are very few people who love themselves on video. Apart from looking a lot older than I feel the sound of my own voice really got to me. This is perfectly normal I was told.

So battle on be yourself and create content to share your fantastic artwork whatever it may be. Then the content sharing will be coming a natural part of your artists practice if it is not already.