Connect – Social Capital -Art

By Patrick Turner-lee | Uncategorized

Mar 10

What have we got?

Do we sometimes feel that we really haven’t got anything to offer? Kind of powerless and at the mercy of our environment or personal situation. Our health perhaps or even the way that we interact with people.

This can be a very debilitating state to be in and one I am sure that we have all felt some more than others. It is hard to see that we have got the time or the energy to offer anything except to sell our life to someone else. Like being a slave.

I have thought of my working life up to a few years ago and realise that in a sense the pernicious nature of society and the growing need for status or material evidence that supports existence can enslave the spirit.

When I had a heart attack and began to come to terms with the finite nature of my life these ideas rose up in my conscious mind. So of course slavery might be a bit strong a term as it conjures up strong images of oppression. In a sense, though this slavery is prevalent so that the economic growth model that underpins the global market can continue to amass debt on an unprecedented scale.

Are we modern slaves?

I started to look at this in my own life and think about my world in a new way. While working a lot of my salary was used to support me doing my job. Analysing my expenditure helped me realise at the same time that I was exchanging money in a wasteful and inefficient way.

Just these few realisations helped me see that I could have something to offer other people. Or at this point, I was attracted to the idea that with some wisdom and careful management I could leave this slave-like life behind and take a look at how I really wanted to live my life. This journey is still in progress even though I am 60 years old.

Social Capital or Intellectual Property ?

So this alone is social capital or Intellectual Property through experience that I can share to help others at least begin to look at how they live their lives. The truth is millions of people are doing the same thing. Also, there are many who are not.

I am now an artist, an oil painter. This is evolving and closely linked to the understanding that I have been talking about here. Why? The making of art is allowing me to view the whole of my life. How I eat, breath, react and

what I actually need to live in a reasonable way. As I grow in confidence I am beginning to sell my paintings.

The learning curve is very much linked to my self-worth and belief in the power of life. This leads to a connection with others that in turn expands my ability to make art and so it goes on.

The nature of human beings allows us the opportunity to express our lives in many ways. Society could evolve from its dangerous path of consumption into one of connection and community. The more we reconnect with each other as part of a larger community the more we are likely to experience wellness and fulfilment. We can also support each other in our endeavours.