How to Connect with People taking time to learn

By Patrick Turner-lee | 90 day challenge VIDS

Feb 02

Is it all making sense?

The thing is when you meet someone face to face your senses, all of them kick in don’t they. Maybe starting with an eyeball, connecting with people. It is amazing how much you can tell from that first glance.

Granted a lot of your ideas about the person might turn out to be incorrect but at the same time, an incredible amount of information is digested. It needs to be, doesn’t it? We are designed in such a way that all this happens for a reason. First off it is survival. After, it is about connecting.

Someone who you have met before or known a long time comes into the room and there is something wrong. They can’t hide it, can they? Okay so depending on their personality they may well seem okay to anyone who doesn’t know them.

You know though don’t you. Later on, over a coffee or walking down the street you might pop the question,” You okay? ”

Not making sense online?

All this happens so often doesn’t it but online, well there are so many of our senses that are not in play. We have time to think, to pass over information. Actually, it is one of the attractive things about browsing the internet. We have power where in real life situations we might not.

Of course, if we are wanting to buy something this can be really strong. I am not really a buying person but having said that if I need something urgently the pattern is the same as anyone else.

There is something empowering about making a transaction for an object. In one way it doesn’t matter what it is. What I am getting at is that when the environment is right and the relationship fits transactions take place.

An inviting environment

So selling artwork online must be about making this environment as inviting and enjoyable as possible. Maybe with a little bit of mystery; as it is art? I am thinking hard on this one because really it is about providing a number of important factors.

If it is complicated then frustration can set in real quick. F**K that when the screen freezes. So the way we set up the experience is crucial. I am still on the journey of doing this as well as I would like to.

So what do we tend to do when we meet someone? Well, I check ’em out. I am quite friendly and open to start with. This may change if I feel the trust has been broken. Others may well be guarded on first meeting and gradually open up as the trust builds.

Online we are working towards having a place where as broad a range of personalities can interact and browse comfortably to see if they resonate with what service or product you are providing.

Perhaps as an artist, this could seem daunting. However, what is it that you feel comfortable with. In most cases, this could be a good place to start.

As technology increases in its automation and the conversation I am having with chat bots , my trust levels are decreasing. So as an artist the way we build trust becomes all the more important.

Trust is so important

If the trust isn’t established quickly it will be easy to lose a potential customer very easily.

Once we have met someone what next. Find some common ground. This is worth considering when you start making content. Please remember that it will take time before anyone gets to read it. This has its advantages. It allows you to hone your writing skills and get used to negotiating the technology.

If you are positioning yourself in the right way then people will connect with your content. For me, the video is a good way to go. Already lots of the senses are on board and we know that there is a good chance that the person on the other side of the screen is probably real.

I am saying this as sometimes I wonder !!!! Joking apart it may not be long before we might not be able to tell.

Build engagement

Then to offer engagement in a dialogue is the next step. The start of this can be through email. At the moment this is vital. I am learning about this gradually improving my ability to engage with emails as well. All the things we need to consider in the early stages can stack up to start with.

Of course, we have to do our work as well. To be honest, doing all of the support work is really helping me be really focussed when it comes to painting. Like they say if you want something done best ask someone who is busy.

So the nuts and bolts and the way we set up an environment where we can share our work and offer sales are what we are working towards. The first step is building trust and sharing expert understanding.

Thank you for reading and please subscribe and watch my YouTube channel and share with anyone who may be interested in building an online art business.