Connect with your Audience – Selling Artwork online

By Patrick Turner-lee | 90 day challenge VIDS

Jan 31

There are many ways to connect with the people that are going to become attracted to our artwork in fact probably many more than you might think

I am going to show you how I in 5 years have gone from never having painted a picture in my life; well since I was a tiny tot. Well, about 8 or 9 perhaps; oh ok I did some weird stuff in my bedroom when I was stoned in the ’70s. I think it is called high these days. Yes, doodles with splash paint and I used black gloss paint as the background.

Share your Story

My mum was lovely about it and did really like the fact that I was creative. My dad was a little less pleased and it returned to haunt me as I was press-ganged to sort out.

I am selling paintings on a fairly regular basis. Not as regular as I would like and that is why I am talking to you now. Are you watching this video because you too have got a whole load of interesting work that you want to sell and don’t know how? Go on, let me know in the comments.

First thing I did was put a snap of one of the pieces on FB and amazingly a friend said they wanted to buy it. I resisted the temptation to give it to them. The first point is to make sure you want to sell them. Let me tell you that your work is good enough. Actually, I don’t have to see it because chances are it is a far better piece of work than you think it is.

The value is the motivation to continue.

There is clue number two. Fortunately for me, I did sell that piece of work and many more since. Partly this has happened because to start with it didn’t really matter too much. When I see the faces of people that really connect with my work holding a painting in their hands that they love it is incredible.

Now for me, if people did or didn’t buy my painting wouldn’t stop me making more. Again point number 3. It is the value that your work creates for someone else that is the issue, not anything else.

People have asked me how do I price my work?? I look at what other artists sell their stuff for and gauge it around that. It can be a strength to say that you are not from the system. My story starts with a heart attack and then I started painting. Of course, my story is a lot more than that but essentially that is precisely what happened. I am as amazed as the next person.

I could say many things about this or offer to advise but the truth is getting to sell artwork online is new to me and the way I am moving towards this is not magic.

The Journey is where you can learn so much

You can do this journey as well even if you have limited time. Just begin to think about it. If you have thought about already then have a look at some of my other videos that show some of the journeys that I have started and then subscribe to my YouTube channel or join my shop if you think you can do with some help. I intend to share my successes and failures for all to see.