Beginners Painting

Acrylics and Paint a sea a second layer

Lesson 12 Module 3

Acrylic paint is fast drying and so is great for quick response use. When applying another layer of paint on top of a previously presented layer, we begin to experience some of the advantages of this medium.

Layers can show through easily if our brush work is not hesitant. I tend to adopt my brushes as an extension of my arm and body. It takes a bit of practise to feel this but after a while it is second nature.

Notice that I don't go over board about having lots of equipment. We can definitely start to work with very few materials and perhaps this is a good thing. So the absence of materials takes another concern from the moment. Also I have found that I begin to make relationships with colours over a period of time and then add new ones to my friends list as I make a dialogue with them.

As I paint the sea I am reminded that it is fluid and changing all the time. This is rapid change at times and consequently the need for this energy in my painting is what I am really looking for. It just never stands still for anyone. This is why I really enjoy playing with different sea images.

So please play too with your brush.

Check out the feel of the Acrylic Paint

Stand back and reflect on your work 

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