Beginners Painting

Analyse where we are

Lesson 14 Module 3

We have got to the end of Module 3. So what have we learnt so far??

  • We have started to make a relationship with our space. We come and go, come and go. Maybe keep arranging stuff. Changing around the furniture. 
  • Looking at what we have as a painting. It is all about relationships

When we take a picture, if we are not a highly trained photographer then we just catch a moment. As we construct a painting we are having many moments making marks in different states of mind. The light changes through the day and day by day.

  • Our understanding of our medium and how it behaves is constantly growing. With acrylics we find it becomes sticky and creates transparent layers if we want it too. 
  • Our brushes we find some of them seem to fall to bits other ones become our friends.

Life now gets in the way. We want to paint but have an important phone call. The car breaks down. Our kids need a lift ............... sound  familiar. So keeping going and turning up is half way to success.

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