Beginners Painting


Lesson 6 Module 2

So it won't be long now before we start painting. All of this preparation is crucial to building a foundation for our work whatever that is going to be. As you continue to work through this process I want you to begin to see that actually a different way of thinking is needed to access your true potential. The great thing about doing something new is challenge. 

When we are young we explore things all the time don't we. Every now and then something goes wrong and we lose the spirit to continue. It is only natural and of course many of those warning signs are for our safety.

So there is the clue if our instinct is geared towards our safety that is where creative endeavours tend to sit. Our vulnerable self is open when we are faced with challenge and often it is at that point where we may have faced harsh criticism. For me criticism didn't even need to be harsh. It was more about the state of me when I received the criticism.

Clue number two is our self esteem. We can build this back up again !!!!!!

There are many different techniques out there  and some fantastic tutorials. Maybe getting started on the basics with me will help you with those more advanced models and techniques.

I look at these guys painting fantastic mountains and lakes in Acrylic and personally feel a little disheartened as it all seem impossible. The process I am sharing with you is so much about you being able to experiment with your own style. 

I find out things by trying them and make my own decisions based on my experiments. Painting is a process of problem solving and amazingly the problems are forever developing into new problems. 

I don't want to be talking about rules because firstly they all can be broken and secondly rules tend to shut down an element of your creative spirit. So I try to steer clear from them. You can work Acrylics quite a bit and find your own magic.

For this course we will concentrate on a simple landscape structure. It gives us a lot of flexibility during the course and you can actually learn so much about this relationship with your internal self.

So much of my current well being can be attributed to this internal investigation and consequent realisations.

So enjoy this process it may seem rather slow at first but you will come to understand my reasoning if you stick with it 

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