Beginners Painting

Working from the centre of the canvas

Lesson 7 Module 2

In all of the courses we will start our painting in this way. Actually what is happening is really crucial.

There are plenty of free courses out there on You Tube. They are full of lots of brilliant advice but seem to be quite often diving straight into the painting. This preparation I find really helps me establish something much more that recreating an image.

Every chance we have to look at or touch or notice our canvas and the ensuing change that is going to change place becomes much more important as time goes on. This is partly why I make up my own canvas to work on. It means that the feel and atmosphere of the substrate is personal to me. Seems odd I know but hey ho this is part of my process !!

It's a bit like meeting a new friend. We have a look and then maybe say hello, or even just smile. Next time we may start to talk about the weather and before you know it you start to share your stories. Every painting becomes a story. For me this starts at the centre of the being. Also another advantage is that if you start at the centre of the image you can translate the final image on to any sized substrate.

What I have found intriguing is that this way of working has shown me that if we look into the centre of an object we start to see it as a relationship with this central point. Quite profound indeed.

So look at the crazy video. I am sure I will do a new one soon but it does explain a bit more why I choose to start my work in this way. 

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