Beginners Painting

Mark the Horizon then the Sea and Sky

Lesson 8 Module 2

OK so LET'S PAINT. First a check that we have our canvas at the right height. Then we think about where our horizon is going to be. For our landscape ideally we start with a horizon line whatever the image we are going to paint.

On my example I am painting a seascape. So I start with a horizon and paint the sea using the primary colours. Blue and yellows give us that sea green feel. I like to add a bit of red here and there. This mixes with the blue to give us a dark purple here and there as well as other tones with the yellows as well.

So to the sky. It is advisable at this stage not to have GREEN!!!! in the sky. Now, I am not saying that you should never have green in the sky. However for beginning stage it is a good idea if we don't. 

So clean your brushes. You  should only need two or three brushes. Also change you water.

Take some time to look at your painting so far. If you want to follow the painting I am creating, PLEASE DO!!!  This will make the whole process a lot easier to follow. I am painting a derelict Pier known as "WEST PIER" in Brighton UK. If you google it you will find it.

I will post the image at some point on the lesson videos.

IF you want to concentrate on your own image that is fine. The principle is the same. Whatever you picture this is the starting point a horizon, sky and stuff in front. IF there are variances in the horizon line we can  deal with them later.

So try to be free with your painting and please ENJOY !!!!!!!!!   This is amazing your are painting WELL DONE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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