Beginners Painting

Object to paint

Lesson 5 Module 1

What shall we paint ??

I want you to find a simple story or object that you relate to in your local environment. On this course we are going to concentrate on a scene or a landscape

Relating or a relationship with the object that you are going to paint is really useful.

A couple of years ago I was asked to do an exhibition in Ramsgate in the UK.

It is quite a way for me to get to so I asked a friend to send me some pictures.

What happened was an amazing experience and a great lesson for me.

One of the pictures was of the Clock House in Ramsgate.

Now I knew nothing about it and while I was painting it in my studio based on this photograph I did some research. I discovered that it used to have a Meridian line made of brass in it. At some time it was stolen. 

Anyhow, I painted the picture of the building and there were some boats in the picture as well.

When I was driving to set up the exhibition I came into the town and saw the building from a distant. Inside I felt a real connection with it.

So strange that I drove as close as I could get got out of my care and just stared at it. I  had connected with the spirit of the building through the act of painting it.

If you just can't find something that you feel want to paint you are welcome to join me in the painting of Brighton's West Pier. All will become clear as you work through the lessons

Thank you 

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