Beginners Painting


Lesson 3 Module 1

Space - The final frontier


So quite a debate or dialogue is maybe a better description. A dialogue with everything that is around us perhaps. It is this relationship that we are developing as we get into our painting. I find that the more I trust my in built instincts and senses the more I see. The feeling that is accompanying the seeing is so important as well. 

Rather than thinking that we don't know what we are doing we can relax because our senses are much more powerful than we realise. An Art Practice can help us begin to see this.

I constantly change the layout of my space depending on how I feel. Not like a lounge or a kitchen. Throughout the year the light and temperature change and so does our relationship with our environment. 

From an early age we can be instructed to represent what we see as lines to show what things look like. A language I suppose. When we start painting it is a good idea to try and break down these habits a bit. 

So space to paint in becomes quite important. As your Arts practise grows your space will change. What is your relationship with the place where you create? How do you work? Is this reflected in your environment? 

Oil on Canvas

We are all unique in one sense and the way we choose to work varies doesn't it. As you start to paint observe your habits. Are you tidy or not? Do you like to have symbols or artefacts in your work environment to help you feel at ease? 

Keep a journal in what ever way you feel you want to. Enjoy  building this relationship with your space.

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