Beginners Painting

Summary so far

Lesson 10 Module 2

We are now half way through this course. What have we done so far ??

  • Found a place or space to work
  • Discovered that we can begin with very little outlay. Also as this course is free we can use it whenever we wish
  • Talked about deciding what to paint and some simple guidelines about putting this in place
  • We have learnt that in the long run if we share our efforts with others we will begin to develop a sound arts practise.

In Module 2 we started painting

  • We started painting and see that our first layer of acrylics is quite free and that we need to use plenty of water and not be worried too much about what goes onto the canvas
  • We made our first attempt at a sky
  • If we follow PTL's subject we started to paint the Sea as the foreground object
  • Our first attempt at painting the main subject of our painting. We have learnt that the whole image is important as a colour harmony begins to emerge. This comes with practice not over thinking

So onto Module 3 and more painting

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