Beginners Painting

Technical stuff

Lesson 4 Module 1

Love them or hate them Smart phones are with us. Maybe in a few years they again will be superseded with new technology. Anyhow for our purposes they are a great way to develop an Arts Practise. 

We can get great pictures to work from for our painting. This also has an added advantage. When we take photos we can grow our understanding of different types of composition. This is transferred into our painting experience.

Photography is an extraordinary art in itself. Also the process that I am sharing with you is not about photo realism. It is about relationships with what we see not what we think we see. So photos capture a small moment. Our paintings can capture other aspects of an image. I feel it is about energy. We transfer the energy that we accrue onto a canvas. Actually onto any substrate (material we paint on). 

So this technical stuff enables us to get a fairly good quality capture of a moment. This moment will have a particular light and mood that is unique. Also we can use this technology to expand our network of people to share ideas with. I discuss this in more detail in my Arts as Business Course ( out in 2019).

If you really do not want to have a Smart phone thats fine of course. We will work from a photo during this course. If you have a photo you want to use please do

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