Beginners Painting

The Main focal point we add more paint

Lesson 13 Module 3

Here we are again with the main focal point. As we apply more paint to the rest of the image we begin to develop a stronger painting.

All of the attention that we pay the image and brush strokes we apply, the more this energy is kind of stored on the canvas. Amazingly it is going to keep resonating. The trick is to connect with this reality.

If you study the great paintings in the world and are lucky enough to spend some time with them you may notice the energy of the artist shine through. This is clearly what happens and the same happens with you too.

It takes to time to connect with this. One day you will say it the next you won't. Don't worry this is absolutely normal. Please praise yourself on a regular basis. This will help you connect with the magic of what you are doing.

WELL DONE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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