Beginners Painting

The main subject of your painting

Lesson 9 Module 2

It is really tempting maybe for some of you to want to start your painting with the subject that you have chosen as the first thing that you paint.

Of course this is a possible approach. I am hoping that if you have chosen to follow my process you will be able to see that actually the whole of your image is important not just the focal point. I find that all of the paintings that I have made so far; all of the image is as important as the main focal point

The best way for me is to make a relationship with the painting as a whole and that is why I have structured the process in this way.

The truth is that all of the colours and shades have an impact on each other. It is incredibly complex in fact. It is better in my experience to learn by doing rather than try to understand first.

You own life can be of great assistance at this point. Follow your gut feeling whilst you are painting and you will learn so much more.

Enjoy !!!! Thank you

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