Beginners Painting

Welcome to MOD 3 – Painting a sky another layer

Lesson 11 Module 3

Making great progress ? I hope so.

Again we are talking about mindset as I hope to demonstrate that it is freeing your ability to take action on the canvas that opens up your learning channels.

So much is fairly ambiguous in the field of art. So my process is just one way of making paintings. There are many others. I would like to contest however that the key to progress is connected to developing your process. If any of my ideas and tips are of any assistance towards your long term sustainable arts practice I will be so pleased.

I have found after a few years now of painting that building up some layers of acrylic on your canvas or any substrate is a really helpful way to approach making a painting. So this module is applying our second layer of paint to the image and already you will start to see how the paint works. 

So far in the first two modules you have done a lot actually

  • ‚ÄčFound somewhere to paint
  • Explored some of the materials you need to do this
  • Planned a time and space when you can paint
  • Learn a way of translating what you see into an image
  • Begun to apply paint to your substrate
  • Started to see and look at things using your critical nature in a healthier way.
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