Beginners Painting

Welcome to Module 4 and on with the sky

Lesson 15 Module 4

We have made it to the final module!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More of the same. Building on what is now a strong foundation of work. Take note of how the paint works differently now that it is going on top of other layers. We can use a drier mix and make use of the transparency that comes from spreading out the medium of acrylic

Also, we can apply more paint if and when we need to. Much of the painting will be taking shape now. As you will see in the video there are certain aspects that have come together for me so I leave them as they are. This will be down to your own wisdom. If you cover up some effective work don't worry this is all learning.

In my experience there are no mistakes in painting. There is just learning. I am beginning to take this thought into my daily life. Actually your deeper self is at work when you are painting. It really has a wisdom that is quite amazing and difficult to fully comprehend

ENJOY your developing arts practise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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