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Lesson 1 Module 1

Welcome to Module One

Step by Step:


We are not just going to start painting straight away. There are some things to consider before continuing. I know how hard it is to stay disciplined and committed to a new regime.

Our senses are actually finely tuned and able to be incredibly accurate at responding to the environment around us. For thousands of years we have been able to recognise things for our survival as much as anything.

A question; Do you think that your senses are any different than the senses that Picasso had? Well please argue away. Of course they are different because you are you. Picasso I expect finely tuned his senses to serve his creation of work. We can do the same. It is a doing word painting.

The truth is we are unlikely to get sustainable results if we don't do some work on a regular basis. Very often at school for example the opportunity to reflect and ​ponder such thinking just isn't possible. Therefore it becomes real easy to give in. Some people can indeed translate what they feel or see into an object or painting quicker than others. They become the ones we remember as being "GOOD" at Art.

Let's consider some things before we begin to make work.

This may seem to be a waste of time.  Please, trust this setting up period.

In a sense it enables us to begin a relationship with what we are doing.

All of our work is around building relationships and this may seem strange considering that we will often be on our own in this process

Sir Anthony Hopkins


Maybe it has taken us many months or even years to get to the point where we start painting again. This could even be the first time you have ever painted.

This is fine as I started to paint in 2014 having never done this before. I certainly hadn't been waiting for the time either. The impulse came from somewhere deeper. This has indeed proved to be so important in the whole of my learning process. 

So this step is about reflecting on what has brought us to this point. What stage are we at? Please take a note of this as it will influence the whole of the following weeks as you explore this new discipline.

Watercolour on 300gsm paper


What do we want to paint? What goes through our mind if we try to devise a process in our mind? What are the feelings that we have inside at the thought of making a painting? All of these issues are a useful resource and we can return to them time and time again. 

The more we are able to make a relationship with what we are going to paint and where the better. We will gradually be able to initiate our personal preferences in our arts practise. This short course is designed to allow you a way in.

Watercolour on 300gsm paper


This is NOT the only way to paint. Over the past twelve months I have been working on and offline with students so that I can evaluate ​an approach to get started.

It is really helpful in the learning process to document somehow your responses to guidelines and also to the action of painting as we move into Module 2 and start to do some work on your amazing piece.

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