Creative Life – There is a time for Everything

A Breath between brush strokes

I am not a physicist but an artist who is increasingly fascinated by the response to linear time in my practice. So, there is a time for everything? We can become obsessed with completing tasks and goals at the expense of aspects of parts of our character. Perhaps those qualities that support our well-being.Indeed our driven approach may well get the upper hand in our creative pursuits as well. Instead of trusting a process, we may find ourselves pushing to finish a piece of work. We forget to give time a chance.Breathing between brush strokes is so important to the finished painting. Stepping back, establishing a relationship with the canvas, is as vital as the time spent painting. These ideas can manifest in my daily life. To step back when I need the wisdom to say the next words in a conversation.As we pursue our dreams, we can have a long list of tasks to complete. Like a jigsaw, we sometimes can’t seem to make the piece fit. However, if we make sure we keep it safe, at some time later we will find the right place for it.

Easier Said than DoneI would like to say that I have digested all these wise observations myself but have to admit that is not the case. Maybe that is the point? Do we address each moment with a fresh eye? Or we would like to thinks that we do.Proclivities or our inbuilt tendencies will take time to transform. Delving into the creative process is one way to actively view our habits and realistically address them. I feel fortunate to have changed many of my habits so that they are beginning to be of use to me.So working on projects every day and then evaluating the way that I operate has been an eye-opener. Observing different moods and motivations. Times of productivity and then those of reflection as well as developing perseverance and tenacity comes through having a go.

Learning through DoingSometimes things don’t work out but what can we learn from them. I certainly have discovered that I can fill up my diary and lose track of my original goals. This is a great and sometimes destructive tendency. Only by doing stuff am I able to discern what works and what is a distractionLet’s learn to trust the process of life and live in rhythm with it rather than thinking that we need to drive results based on our impatience and anxiety.To summarise the actions we take are where we learn how to move forward. It is best to follow your heart and reflect on outcomes with an open mind. Easier said than done.


VALUE YOUR WORKAs an artist to own the value of your work is a massive stumbling block for some of us. I tend to make that value based on how I value things instead of how others may. This is my challenge to transform and open my mind. Let go of my restrictions as they close in and manifest as fear and doubt.There is a time for everything and we can learn to trust our lives through taking action and reflecting.


For many years I worked in a salaried job and then went on to have kids and mortgage thinking there would one day arrive a time when I could do more creative stuff. So I can honestly say that I have been there, in this place of frustration and resentment.

THE SCARY BIT IS that in 2013 on Xmas day I had a heart attack. THIS IS SERIOUS, please don’t make the same mistakes that I did


Many Small Steps begin to yield a harvest 

What I did do during this time was something at least once or twice a week creative. I have always played music and so I had a set up where I could play something even if only for a short while on a regular basis.

After my heart attack I started by writing poetry once a day even if I didn’t FEEL like it

Then from nowhere really I started to paint. Much to my surprise I found that I was good at it. I have built on this gradually uncovering a lot of other destructive habits that I now how time to deal with. We are all beautiful individuals with complex proclivities. 

So something everyday is what I advocate and this will begin to change everything as these fresh causes will give you the understanding that you need to lead a creative life


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