December 12


Creativity and Wellness – Our environment – Ourselves

By Patrick Turner-lee

December 12, 2019

How expressing ourself improves our Wellness

Creativity and Health

Every creative activity that we carry out has an element of movement involved. This can be minimal or extreme depending on what we are attempting.

The creative space that we make to work in also has an impact on what we produce. There is not necessarily a right or wrong way it is what invariably occurs. I am finding now that I like to have some order around me, to begin with. It is quite possible that this change quickly as I progress on a particular project.

Tidiness is next to Godliness

One of those sayings I remember as a child. Funny how they stick with you over the years. Of course, it is all about how you take this on. As a Buddhist the idea of a being outside of myself being in control of things is a delusion. The notion of the oneness of self and environment as part of the Buddhist philosophy sits closer to an understanding of what “Tidiness is next to Godliness” might mean.

With deeper consideration tidiness is a matter of perception. In my art studio, I begin to see a recurring pattern that suits me. I will work away on a particular project. “Onlookers” was a project that lasted for 6 months. What developed from it is a number of new projects. By the time I came to close this initial batch of work, my studio was a mess.

The truth is that it was quite tidy but I didn’t know where anything was anymore. I consider this to be a mess. Why do we have cupboards and drawers? Is it to make everything “tidy” or hide it away so we don’t have to deal with it? Possibly the accumulation of lots of things can cloud our judgement and hold us to ransom?

Personality Traits are our treasure

I have spent much of my life being concerned that I should be a better this, that or the other. What if actually I am fine as I am? This new concept is beginning to enable me to access the freedom inside that I need to create outside.

Could this be an aspect of Health that starts a positive transformation towards overall Wellness?

I am learning how I work and can only do that by doing things and accepting that there is no such thing as a mistake. This idea that we make mistakes can further fuel our lack of belief in all those times that we do things absolutely fine. Is it not this pattern or personality trait that is the issue?

Always about mindset

All of these patterns are points of interest, even though at times they seem so frustrating. Life is complex and our relationship with the Universe is an ongoing process of change. Perhaps we need to align ourselves to the way life works by striving to change the way we respond.

Making art can be a great way to challenge these patterns. While painting I have found that my senses and mental wellbeing have gradually become clearer over the few years that I have immersed myself in the task. Such a valuable bi-product is the honing of my wisdom that leads me to make better decisions that have a direct impact on my life as it is now


Starting to paint can be relatively inexpensive compared to other activities. The hardest part of any creative work is getting started and persevering. It can be quite easy once the honeymoon period is over to stop painting. Like many disciplines, it is only possible to make headway if we continue when there is resistance. If we do this then we can quickly see fantastic results.

So our habits and traits that have held us back from doing new things and developing stuff that we have always done half-heartedly require a shift in mindset. Like tuning a piano we can adjust our habitual behaviour to work on our behalf instead of stopping us. This is creative living and really worth the effort.


Patrick Turner-lee

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