August 12, 2019

Creativity and Wellness

Oil Painting of Katherine Hepburn

Creativity - Improves Wellness

We may well be familiar with the aspect of resistance when endeavouring to open up pathways to connect with others. This can depend on how much we try to keep our doors open.

It becomes increasingly difficult to ascertain whether there is even a door that is closed. Habits built-in from childhood take root and are nurtured by a growing sense of defeat and inadequacy. Gradually as the years pass our belief in that area of our life loses its efficacy.

Our feelings can lead us astray or be a helping hand it seems. The bold moves made to create value can often mask personal sensibilities. This can be accompanied by feelings of despair.

Mistaken Beliefs - Are deep in our behaviours

Mistaking this feeling for resistance supports delusion. Indeed the negative streaks in my personality hinder my progress and seem to colour my responses.

Somehow I am beginning to fathom that these challenging feelings are as important as the ones of triumph. All of these aspects involved in a creative project are a perfect mirror for all of our daily lives.

When we consider that all of us are connected already and that it is a falsehood that leads us to believe that this is not the case, our judgements evolve into a broader perspective. When we open our doors and vulnerable selves we can begin to empathise with others.

Making Paintings

Moving from our self to an awareness of the congruent nature of our existence with everything around us helps us to move from ignorance and arrogance to a gradual appreciation of life itself.

The activity of painting pictures connects us with the universe. We are already a microcosm of the galaxies as are all the people and phenomena in our environment. The dynamic between life and death is acted out in all my actions daily.

Passing on my limited understanding of painting to others enhances my own health and wellness. Living life creatively instead of begrudgingly is no easy task. The platform of visual art is proving to be one key to enabling a transformation on the inside.

From hope to despair to hope again. Awake and then asleep are we mostly enacting this bold drama of life and death. How amazing to be alive and to be able to witness this incredible reality we are in.

If you want to start painting and don't know where to start I can help.


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