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Portraits - Judy Garland

This portrait is still in my studio waiting for me to put up for sale. Judy was a significant character for me as a child. My father thought she was amazing and had a double album of here at the Carnegie Hall. I love that record. It is incredible.

Seldom have I heard anyone capture an audience in the way she did on that occasion. Often as I work on portraits where possible I will play music or listen to them speak so that I can connect with them. Judy was a troubled soul. 

Portraits - Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix is the man. I remember the first time I heard him was just before he died. On Radio Luxembourg at midnight. I was 12 years old and he played Star Spangled Banner. Then I have memories of a duke box on Bognor Pier that had Voodoo Chile slight return. I played it over and over whilst sitting as close to the machine as I could. 

To think he died at 27 and the powerful influence he had on a whole generation is amazing. This painting sold pretty quick to a dear friend who feels the same as me

Portraits - Jimi Hendrix

I can't get enough of this man, so when I sold the first painting he became one of the 12 portraits to be done in 2018. Strangely he has been on display in St Augustines Centre Brighton since. 

There is a good chance that I will paint this beautiful man more times. On this occasion I got hold of Band of Gypsies album and listened to it loud whilst completing him.

Martin Luther-King

In 2017 I was asked to paint MLK as a commission. To be honest like many of the paintings I make to say I was uncertain that I could achieve a great result would be an understatement.

However when I listened to the full transcript of his historic speech in Washington I realised that I had to do it. His presence was felt and I am really proud of the result

Nelson Mandela

In 2019 I continued with Nelson Mandela another great leader and inspiration. Like MLK his personality shone through at me and I felt his presence. What happens for me is that I struggle to find a likeness and then all of the sudden I connect. There comes a point where I walk into my studio and can say hello to the portrait. It is odd but also incredible.

I discovered so much more about Mr Mandela that I never realised until researching in more depth that enabled me to make this work

Frank Zappa

In 1970 I saved up enough money to buy my first album. I was a fan of the New Music Express or NME. Amazingly it still exists. There was an article about this guy and I was hooked. I bought HOT RATS and what a fantastic album it still is.

My copy went to ashes years ago but the memory of writing an essay for a school magazine about him and Captain Beefheart stays strong in my life. This was the first painting I did of him and I sold it to a dear friend who is even more enthusiastic about Frank than me. So I painted another and sold that too.

Check out the album and remember 50 years ago this was really HOT !!!!


Making all these paintings and putting them on social media has really helped me connect with really old friends one being Phil who asked me to make a painting of his favourite dog who had passed away a while ago. 

This was the first pet portrait that I tackled and what a joy,. No blocks in connecting with this guy and the process was just the same as any of my other work. It really helped to know how much Mitch had affected Phil. I have a lovely dog myself now and its amazing isn't it the power of our loved pets.