May 15


How to Paint a Portrait part three; Going deeper with composition

By Patrick Turner-lee

May 15, 2019



As we move further on we can be a more discerning with our colours. If we allow our instincts to find the rough colour scheme for the subject then now is the time to follow it through. A useful tool is the disposable palette for Acrylics. Here you can see I am going for the reds and pinks mainly

After time away check in

All the time we are under painting we can experiment with the colour scheme. Keep the flow free and let your heart open to the painting. It maybe now that you start to feel this relationship take some shape

Getting and idea of Colour


The next stage is ​to really get the whole composition in place by the end of the session.

Experiment with the colours and your brushes. Take note of the brushes that work for you and the ones that don't. Also as you put more paint on the canvas the feel and way that it works changes. 

I know we have already begun but maybe you can see the need to by relatively good materials. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive but I would advise against the cheapest.

Try things out


​By now I hope you are beginning to see some progress in the shape and character of you painting. This process can allow you the freedom to paint as you not me.

By the end of this session you will have more of a grasp of the whole piece.

Time to review and take a break


So we can see where we are now. The first three videos and blogs are about experimenting and beginning to find your own process. I am sharing my way of doing this not because it is the right way but because it works for me. Please stick to it and you will find that some of the things I do are because of my personality.

Painting is as much about finding yourself as it is creating paintings.

Part Four on the way


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