May 15


How to Paint a Portrait part two; Moving Forward

By Patrick Turner-lee

May 15, 2019



Now we have a basic painting to work from the next step is to play around with some colours and see what will give some consistency to the whole piece. At the same time we want to keep up the freedom approach in our painting. By the end of our Acrylic work we will have a great painting.

After time away check in

So look and paint at this point. It is more useful to make mistakes at this stage.We find out where things are by putting them in a wrong place. Also the colour harmony and dark and lights change the state of play.

Getting and idea of Colour


The next stage is get some more dark marks and lets have a look at the background now. It is good to consider what is going through your mind between painting sessions.

Experiment with the colours and your brushes. It is useful to just use one or two brushes and stick to a few colours at this stage.

Try things out


Every mark we make is building a deeper understanding of the subject that we are painting. It is good to NOT study the photograph too much.

By the end of this session you will have more of a grasp of the whole piece.

Time to review and take a break


So we can see where we are now. The first three videos and blogs are about experimenting and beginning to find your own process. I am sharing my way of doing this not because it is the right way but because it works for me. Please stick to it and you will find that some of the things I do are because of my personality.

Painting is as much about finding yourself as it is creating paintings.

Part Three on the way


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