How to understand resistance, our creative self without studying for a degree

written by Patrick Turner-lee | How to be inspired

February 18, 2019

Resistance – Helps you take off

When an aeroplane takes off it is pretty stunning. Well for me anyway it took me years before I even ventured out of the UK where I live. I went all the way to Australia at the tender age of 26 years. I felt like an explorer and so when the flight took off my heart was pounding.

It still amazing me how these huge objects can float in the sky. Of course, I have a limited understanding of the physics behind it, certainly not enough to build one myself. It is all about resistance, isn’t it? The machine drives forward and it is the resistance in the air around the wings that enable it to leave the heavy pull of gravity.

We may well be familiar with the aspect of resistance when endeavouring to open up pathways in our efforts to connect with others. This can depend on how much we try to push forward at speed moving outside of our comfort zone. This can be striving to build relationships with those that we may have avoided.

Downhearted is not resistance

Analogies help me grasp this value in connecting with others and the growth or elevation that comes with it. When I feel downhearted and unable to move forward say when that connection just doesn’t happen how do I react. This is the point when change comes into the formula.

The downhearted feeling is not resistance but habit. I feel that I simply can’t do whatever it is and return to this point of stagnation. This is when I feel downhearted. So what to do next?

Indeed the negative streaks in my personality seem to colour my responses. Somehow I fathom that these challenging feelings are as important as the ones of triumph that I discern after the completion of a difficult task.

All of these aspects involved in a creative project become a perfect mirror. When considering that all of us are connected already and that it is a matter of delusion that leads us to believe that this is not the case, our judgements grow from a broader perspective than the original position. Is this creativity?? Or part of the process.

Open doors and reveal our true self

When we open doors and reveal our true self, we begin to empathise with the life-state of others. We can become conduits for pain and if we are aware of this then we become able to transform this pain into understanding.

Moving from our self to an awareness of the congruent nature of our existence in relation to everything around us helps us to move from ignorance and even arrogance to a gradual appreciation of life itself.

For me, the activity of painting pictures is an activity that mysteriously connects me with the universe. I am already a microcosm of the galaxies as are all the people and phenomena around me.

The dynamic between life and death is acting out in all my actions on a daily basis. From hope to despair to hope again. Awake and then asleep are we mostly enacting this bold drama of life and death.

We are naturally a creative self it is mostly our perception and reflection on the real life within and around us where all the lessons we need exist. Giving us a degree in life if we choose too.

How amazing to be alive and to be able to witness this incredible reality we are in.


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