How To Unlock Ideas-Self Esteem

By Patrick Turner-lee | 90 day challenge VIDS

Apr 27

What came first the Chicken or the Egg?

So I can’t answer that question easily apart from somehow the Chicken evolved along the way !!! Maybe there are some interesting thoughts however that can come from this age-old question.

The chicken is finite in its existence. It has a mission to create eggs so that another can appear and consequently make more eggs. So if there are many eggs then there are potentially many chickens laying many more eggs.

Naturally, the eggs need to be fertilised otherwise the eggs have limited use.

So the potential of the egg is a point of interest. What if we don’t know whether it is fertile or not. I am sure there are easy ways to work that out. I think if you shine a light through it perhaps?

Just say though you see two eggs in a nest. Are you going to know straight away by looking at them whether they are fertile or not? I doubt it!

The egg, of course, has its uses if it is not fertile. We just want eggs in the hope that one of them is fertile.

When we buy a car from a showroom it is most likely that as soon as it hits the road the value of this item drops. This continues to fall dramatically in the first year of ownership. Is this like a chicken? Actually, we could say that a chicken is more useful as it can produce eggs a car cannot. Well not yet anyway!

It is interesting how humans can be so enamoured with cars. These assets depreciate in value immediately it is switched on !!!!!!!!!!

If we have chicken then we can get eggs. With the help of a Cockerel, we can encourage more chicks to become chickens.



I have an idea that is like a chicken and if that idea begins to involve connecting with others it could produce eggs. Now, these eggs could produce more ideas.

It is useful to relate to real life situations when experiencing a block. This resistance can sometimes be so strong that we are unable to operate. I am not sure that this is in any way simple to overcome. There are some steps that we can employ to push against this door.

Gradually this block will open and we see the reason it was there in the first place. Without some action or project, it is unlikely that we will initiate any change.

To fertilise the egg the chicken at some point needs to be connected to a Cockerel, which could be someone who is interested in the idea. The eggs that are not fertile are potential ideas. They are not sustainable but still of value as they produce some results in the short term.

Part of the connection with others can be enhanced when we make the decision that we could actually help others. This connecting is returning us to our natural state that is not an isolated existence.

Sustainable growth

The fertile eggs that have come from the idea represent future projects. I am sure that once you have discovered a clear way to identify whether the egg is fertile or not then you can perfect the engagement in the connection that has made this possible.

Thinking of this process helps me evaluate whether the actions that I am taking are likely to be short-lived or sustainable. I cannot expect every egg to be fertile but at the same time, I can have confidence that if I make the right connection then eventually a new idea will be forthcoming.

In a previous article, we have been looking at Leadership qualities and many of them have been taking personal responsibility and developing a foundation of self-esteem. I become more convinced that self-esteem lays at the root of resistance to growth and creativity.

We are natural beings so chances are that within life and our environment. the answer can be found.

Easy to miss the obvious

Talking of eggs and chickens somehow makes the question of profound philosophy easier to embrace. Often our habitual reactions to mundane and maybe not so ordinary events are the indicator of how we value our own life.

Rather than getting wrapped up in the reasons why we have low self-esteem, we could make a decision to take action and notice outcomes. Then we are in a position to address it.

Looking deeply at a problem can in itself distort the truth about the situation that we are experiencing.


Self-esteem may well be the issue that we are endeavouring to calibrate and the best way to do that is to take a step forward. It is possible then to really understand our difficulties in the real world rather than one that is governed by our emotions.

Lack of self-esteem or not believing in the power of our own life is often the cause of any resistance that we experience with our endeavours