Importance of Creativity – Health and Wellness

Went to a great workshop today with a bunch of creatives and there is no doubt about it being with like-minded folk can’t be beaten, can it??

Creating content to share

So I came away refreshed. Able to reposition my self in the world and in my situation. My realisation and confidence increased greatly as I realised that all of the work I have been doing creating content to share and create value is beginning to take root in my life.

The testing ground is in the real world. Sometimes it is easy to become so absorbed in the daily work of making paintings and building the nuts and bolts of business that I can lose touch with humans.

As we communicate online the speed that we talk on video and the clarity we need to hone in our written content gathers pace. We need to remember that only some of our beautiful senses are at work in this world.

The importance of the bonds of friendship and human interaction is necessary as fuel for motivation to continue, isn’t it?

I was inspired by the courage of everyone today to share their lives and the intention of helping each other.

The workshop organisers helped us explore issues such as success and connection. We also explored different ways that we respond to making goals.

Reflecting daily on ourself

The task of investigating these points becomes a daily activity. It becomes important to recognise the reason for the work that we are doing and how this may relate to value or not.

So many times I can find myself being really busy and consequently satisfied with my output. As I ask myself whether the work I have done is relevant to the goals I have set for the near future a different picture can appear.

This could be deemed as one of the hazards of an entrepreneurial approach. Somebody pointed out that I had a lot of balls in the air. Indeed they are my balls !!!

So how does this relate to the creative life?

Self Esteem comes to the fore. How we feel about ourselves becomes reflected in our work and productivity. I think the answer is not to be different than we are but instead more like we are.

Self-esteem grows through action and effort it is not something that appears without doing something. Art is an incredible way for us to evaluate or keep a check on how we feel about ourselves and consequently others.

Making a painting can be one way that we can measure our responses. This will be on a personal and fairly subtle way. Is self-esteem measured by how we feel with other people?

Diet and Physical wellness

I fluctuate depending on many factors. Working on my diet and physical wellness has a profound effect on the sustainability of my self-esteem. I don’t mean that I am a fitness fanatic or even strict with my diet.

I am plant-based and loving it as well as a loving dog owner who walks briskly in the early morning for a few miles. In turn, this gives me inspiration for my artwork.

So a creative life leads me to have a more holistic outlook to my wellbeing and a desire to help others begin to start there own unique journey as a creative being.


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