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By Patrick Turner-lee | 90 day challenge VIDS

Jan 21

Take a break to get inspired

Close Stream Watercolour

Every now and then put down your brush close the laptop and let the brain reboot. I enjoy thinking about things and trying to break these attachments to who I think I am. Then I am in a position to create fresh ideas.

Are you like me one part creator and then another part. The ongoing dialogue between the doer and the creator. This relationship can sometimes be the downfall of anything getting done. So inspiration is an important part of our practice.

The master artists of the past have said many things relating to the creative arts. Let us have a look at some. I will be doing this on a regular basis as a resource to build on. It is not just the quote but the intention encourage others that are inspiring

Pablo PIcasso

The first icon I would like to reflect upon is Pablo Picasso his insight is bound to be very useful. He became an icon in his own lifetime. Whether or not you are attracted by his work we cannot fail to see someone who managed to have a huge impact on the understanding and development of art.

So let’s dig in.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” …

When we get involved with a painting we can start to see things in the subject of the painting that we didn’t notice in the first place. This perception and understanding of what we are looking at develop and one great benefits are that we can see the beauty in the most simple of things.

The reality is that the object doesn’t change but the mind does. So I find this quote really profound as it addresses many avenues. It is easy to look at something on the surface and jump to a conclusion based on a false belief.

After all who can confirm actually what is real and what is not??? May sound bonkers at first but also is really helpful when you consider the illusions that you can find in many famous paintings.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

This quote is also attributed to William Shakespeare. As an artist I find that the more I give away the more I appreciate the gift.

If I squander or horde my wonders then they quickly become redundant or meaningless. So if you are making artwork ponder this thought. It is a powerful growing tool to share your life with others.

Henri Matisse

“Creativity takes courage.”

This is a very well known quote. On a deeper level, it helps us think of what courage is. One thing for sure is that we all have it and maybe this can relate to sharing our life again as well as many other things.

“I don’t paint things. I only paint the difference between things.”

This quote makes me think of the complexity of what we see and accomplish as visual artists. The magic of creating.

It is tempting isn’t it to look at a house say and think oh I know what a house looks like. Then we go down the path of painting what we think it should look like because we know what it is.

Anyway, we think we do. We are looking at dark and light in colour tones and these eventually will come to represent the house that we paint.

There, enough for one sitting to ponder. Take a deep breath and I will ponder some more soon. Thank you.