Inspire Others – Art a Business

By Patrick Turner-lee | 90 day challenge VIDS

Jan 08

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Inspire – Does it Help?

Often, the word inspire is included in posts, blogs and podcasts as it is inherently positive. Maybe, like many terms used in the age of self-improvement, it has become a little tired. Like all overused expressions, the full consequences of it has become confused.

With copious attempts to help us buy into someones proven method; is it possible that we feel inadequate when we have not inspired anymore.

Time to buy yet another course to enable us to regain this inspiration. Have I become jaded with the advent of exploitation or similar endemic human behaviours.

We are all Human – After all

There is no point getting away from the fact that we are all human beings. Talking of making art some may say that they are unable to create as they no longer feel inspired.

Not being inspired is one’s own responsibility and it may be possible that taking the action to make some art will change this negative tendency linked with inspiration.

As a thought perhaps if there was no inspiration in the first place then nothing would happen? After all much of our human activity is a creative act.

Back to making paintings, as it is my present occupation. To be successful in the completion of a satisfactory piece of work embracing all of my human frailty is part of the finished product.

I would like to say that when I have done this a few times the battle becomes much easier. Strangely the battle just becomes all the more familiar.

We can Create and Change

Inspiration comes and goes like the wind but human existence is an amazing plethora of emotion and all of it is wonderful. I am being careful not to label this as an inspiration.

If you want to be inspired painting pictures is an effective way to experience it. However, you will experience many other things on the journey

-Patrick Turner-Lee