Is Painting Intellect or Instinct ?

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November 21, 2018

Is Painting Intellect or Instinct?

The more I investigate what I actually do while I am painting, the more amazed I become. Certain realisations float to the surface of my conscious mind. All day long thoughts are pulsing between the synapses related to aspects of my emotional and physical relationship with the world I live in.

Often these thoughts involve an amount of integrity that has developed within human relationships throughout the whole of my life. At times, certain feeling reminds me of events that either conjure up good or bad energies.

Whilst painting these responses continue. Whatever tasks we are involved in during our daily lives are channels that have an impact on this stream reality that colour our day. As I paint and look at an object for inspiration the temptation to follow my intellectual understanding of that object tries to take the driving seat.

If I busy myself applying the paint, I don’t calculate the outcome with my thinking mind. In this way, I get better results. Could this be instinct?

Or is it reflex? I am not really sure, to be honest. What I do know that generally, everything I see is an illusion. The illusion is never the same from one minute to the next. Logically, this is due to light change amongst many other things.

To build up an impression of dark and light helps me begin to create an image that defines an idea of the object that I am observing. The pulsating genius of life is an exciting reality and the art of painting is a fantastic way to build a new relationship with the universe that we are part of.

Patrick Turner-Lee

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