Beginners Painting

Developing the harmony in the overall painting

Module 3

4 lessons to help go deeper into the detail and aspects that distinguish your style of painting

Module Structure

Welcome to MOD 3 - Painting a sky another layer

Introduction to Module 3. Straight into the sky and get to feel the way the acrylics work now we are putting more layers onto the canvas.

Acrylics and Paint a sea a second layer

The second layer of acrylic paint now. We again start to sense the nature of feeling, through the brush, of acrylic paint

The Main focal point we add more paint

The main focal point. Now we add the second layer of paint onto the image. As we see it becomes a kind of balancing act. We can adjust and add paint with acrylics

Straightforward enjoyable and fast painting skills for anyone in acrylic paint.

Analyse where we are

A summary of progress so far. 

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