Beginners Painting

Work towards an image on the whole of your canvas

Module 2

In this module we will make the first marks on the canvas.

We will mark out the whole picture and have our first go at working with the subject of your paintings


Module Structure


All of the preparation is crucial in the making of a painting. So much is about getting the mind to start this amazing relationship with a object to paint

Working from the centre of the canvas

We will always work from the centre of the image. This is the process I follow and the more I make work the more it proves to be an effective way to start the relationship with the painting

Mark the Horizon then the Sea and Sky

One line but the start of the whole piece. From there lets paint below and above the horison

The main subject of your painting

So we have found the object that has inspired to make this painting and we have set up the foundation to put the object onto the canvas.

Summary so far

It may seem that we have just been following some really basic steps, in fact, we have been learning some fundamental and amazing things about the discipline and mindset needed to develop a sustainable arts practise

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