Beginners Painting

More detail finishing and where to next

Module 4

4 Lessons. By now we are familiar with the whole of our image. Now we put in finer detail and learn from what we have done so far. Also we discuss what the next steps could be in creating a sustainable Arts Practise

Module Structure

Welcome to Module 4 and on with the sky

The final module now. The process can continue if you wish as you understand the process and what you are aiming for. You can continue until you feel satisfied with the end result. Now the third layer of paint will be applied to the sky

More light in the Sea

We are beginning to build some harmony in our piece so now is the time to add some light to the foreground object. In the case of this work we are painting the Sea.

More definition in the Focal point of the painting

Layer 3 of the paint is now applied to the main object. In this example, we are still fairly loose with the application of dark paint. Remember we can always tweak at any time.


Overall lets touch up and assess. What next???

Still some changes to make. Remember you are now the artist 

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