Motivate and Creativity – Selling Artwork Online

By Patrick Turner-lee | 90 day challenge VIDS

Feb 06

Motivation and creative work

Doing your creative work, however that is manifested for you can be a struggle sometimes. I do argue that to do it anyway gradually helps to break down the lack of motivation that I feel. Then we all need some proof and reason to do what we are doing.

Intellectually I suppose the arguments particularly in the “art circle” can become very detailed and complex. I am interested in identifying a few points that help me to re-assess my position if I feel a lack of drive to get on with my work

Go all in

I am a visual artist. To be precise, I have developed a practice in painting. When I do something, I have a tendency to go all in with projects. Apart from the incredible benefits, I have received from the practical side of a painting practice, I am growing to enjoy that it is all down to me. Well so far in my journey this has been the reality.

While painting, I am continually inspired by the moments of magic that happen. A dialogue inside my head or even sometimes out in the open. Maybe random thoughts and dreams visions.

A zone that seems timeless

Then complete absorption in the process of creating. The zone is this timeless place where for me paint goes onto brush then to the canvas. I look and see, digest and apply. Backwards forwards like a dance with my self. All aches and pains seem to dissipate and the day is the way I want it to be.

On one level I would agree that this state of life cannot be forced. This life condition can be approached every day. I suggest that will be the best way to build a relationship with your art a bit every day. It really is definitely worth working towards.

I tend to forget this place when I am outside of it. Do you? Sharing work with others is a limitless source of motivation. You will develop a growing network of friends who are interested in your work. In isolation, it is very easy to develop a distorted perspective.

Use the technology

Using the technology that is now available is an incredible benefit. As your loving clients buy your work the value becomes clear. This is a great motivating force to continue the creative process.

A vision for the future as you start to accomplish and share your work is another motivation. Starting to focus on one, two and five years ahead will allow your mindset to move in a positive direction.

You will notice growing confidence deep inside as you take a small step every day in first producing your work. Secondly sharing your work and consequently constructing a flight path for expansion into the vision you have for the future

Sometimes you will feel stuck and that is a great time to plan a new project. When you make a start on this new adventure your vision and motivation will bubble to the surface again.

The busier you make yourself based on a vision for the future the more you will achieve and also the stronger and more beneficial connection you begin to make.

Seems obvious, but it is easy to let life get in the way. Life, of course, will always be a challenge in any case. Let us together develop the foundation of character that we need to transform our vision and dreams into a reality.