3 Ways to Motivate Creativity

3 Ways to Motivate Creativity

Are you grabbed by the title of this short article? Already interested in the notion that you can be motivated. What is this motivation in creativity anyway?

I am a visual artist. To be precise, I have developed a practice in painting. When I do something, I prefer to go further than dabble. I have met many hobbyists who are creating extraordinary work. They prefer to not be public in their endeavours. This maybe is due to the success that they already enjoy in other areas of their life.

So, what 3 things help motivate me in my creative process.

1. While painting, I am continually inspired by the moments of magic that happen. This can be complete absorption in the process. Then I experience time in what I like to call the zone. Have you seen the film “Stalker” by Andrei Tarkovsky? The zone is central to the story. I just want to be in the zone time and again. The time in it is not always totally successful by any means. The sensation whilst visiting is often a motivating experience.

2. To be able to make a painting that resembles an object is another great motivation. So to pursue a painting until I feel satisfied with the result motivates me to get in front of the canvas and keep working on the relationship that I am building with the work. The idea of an art practice is useful. Possibly the notion of practice makes perfect is not so useful. This is where my third motivating factor comes into play.

3. Sharing my work with others is proving to be a limitless source of encouragement. Talking with and connecting with like minding creative communities and growing a network of friends who are interested in my creations is proving to be invaluable. In isolation, it is very easy to develop a distorted perspective. Using the internet improves my output. By selling work, the value for others becomes clear. This is another great motivating force to continue the creative process.

It helps me to have projects to complete. The more tasks that I set, for example, a number of paintings to complete, the more paintings I complete.

Seems obvious, but it is easy to let life get in the way. All of the sudden your area of activity becomes a pile of cobwebs and can go back to the cupboard where it came from. Let’s just do it !!!

Patrick Turner-Lee


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