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a4 Watercolour on 300gsm paper

Up and Running

So, we are up and running. You’ve got a Youtube channel and doing a post as often as you can. Already been able to pick your ideas to pieces and present them to the world. Quickly realising that the world may be just one or two views, probably from kind friends who think you have probably lost your head.

Then you wonder whether you have indeed lost the plot. If you are like me it is hard to sit and binge watch yourself to see what the past three weeks or so have produced. Continue reading

Inspiring Artist quotes – Inspire Business

Inspire and reflect

Brighton Pavilion

So to the weekly look at some inspiring quotes. We all need to recharge and inspire the source that resides in our sometimes tired hearts. So I have picked a few famous observations from amazing artists.

“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” Vincent van Gogh

I am seeking is an action to take. Seeking can mean to find a way forward. This doesn’t necessarily manifest as a glamorous act. Seeking a way to get something simple done can be as a monumental task.

Seeking could be something to strive for in itself. When we have that exhausted feeling it can be just getting out of the door. For an artist scratching something onto a substrate, or just making a start a decision. The more progress you start to make the more resistance you can feel. Continue reading

Inspire Art – Art Business – Selling art online

Take a break to get inspired

Close Stream Watercolour

Every now and then put down your brush close the laptop and let the brain reboot. I enjoy thinking about things and trying to break these attachments to who I think I am. Then I am in a position to create fresh ideas.

Are you like me one part creator and then another part. The ongoing dialogue between the doer and the creator. This relationship can sometimes be the downfall of anything getting done. So inspiration is an important part of our practice.

The master artists of the past have said many things relating to the creative arts. Let us have a look at some. I will be doing this on a regular basis as a resource to build on. It is not just the quote but the intention encourage others that are inspiring

Pablo PIcasso

The first icon I would like to reflect upon is Pablo Picasso his insight is bound to be very useful. He became an icon in his own lifetime. Whether or not you are attracted by his work we cannot fail to see someone who managed to have a huge impact on the understanding and development of art.

So let’s dig in.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” …

When we get involved with a painting we can start to see things in the subject of the painting that we didn’t notice in the first place. This perception and understanding of what we are looking at develop and one great benefits are that we can see the beauty in the most simple of things.

The reality is that the object doesn’t change but the mind does. So I find this quote really profound as it addresses many avenues. It is easy to look at something on the surface and jump to a conclusion based on a false belief.

After all who can confirm actually what is real and what is not??? May sound bonkers at first but also is really helpful when you consider the illusions that you can find in many famous paintings.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

This quote is also attributed to William Shakespeare. As an artist I find that the more I give away the more I appreciate the gift.

If I squander or horde my wonders then they quickly become redundant or meaningless. So if you are making artwork ponder this thought. It is a powerful growing tool to share your life with others.

Henri Matisse

“Creativity takes courage.”

This is a very well known quote. On a deeper level, it helps us think of what courage is. One thing for sure is that we all have it and maybe this can relate to sharing our life again as well as many other things.

“I don’t paint things. I only paint the difference between things.”

This quote makes me think of the complexity of what we see and accomplish as visual artists. The magic of creating.

It is tempting isn’t it to look at a house say and think oh I know what a house looks like. Then we go down the path of painting what we think it should look like because we know what it is.

Anyway, we think we do. We are looking at dark and light in colour tones and these eventually will come to represent the house that we paint.

There, enough for one sitting to ponder. Take a deep breath and I will ponder some more soon. Thank you.


SOCIAL MEDIA and ART – Art a Business

Social media is the Mind Set ?

This time I want to have a cursory glance at the different social media platforms. I want to cover mindset. As you are reading this article there is a pretty good chance you are a social media ready individual anyhow.

This time I want to have a cursory glance at the different social media platforms. Straight away I just want to cover mindset. As you are reading this article there is a pretty good chance you are a social media ready individual anyhow.

So I am noticing that the further I go into my different potential customers what is important is how they relate to different media. I have now started to see the trends and habits that I have and how I respond to various approaches that I look at.

Attention span of a nat

Continue reading

ART WORKFLOW – Art a Business

Some Basic ideas getting mapped

In the previous blog, I talked about working in the way that you make your Art. I shared the key points that will link me through to a long term goal. After researching a number of methods that are all really useful I have I have taken some that are appropriate to my work and designed my own summary map.

I realise that I don’t have to do anything the way I am told. Even if I don’t get anything else from this process, the realisation that I am able to do this is amazing. For me, the power of making paintings has helped me become free from old habits.

So let us have a look at the elements in the map — Here are some basic ideas to build on by no means exhaustive

Key Ongoing activities

Create new work – Sometimes it can be hard to get on with stuff for no seeming reason. I decided to make up 24 paintings at the beginning of last year. This lead to me having 5 exhibitions and selling more work then I had up until that point.

Create content and videos – This is for me I am now getting more used to recording stuff on camera. All of this work is really useful to enable the foundation of your brand and process. Not all the content is going to be fantastic. This is the same as our artwork, well mine for sure. The action of doing leads to understanding for me.

Plan ahead – I don’t always find this easy and definitely is a weakness that I still need to address. I tend to respond to immediate requests and miss a trick with an exhibition or event

Maintain continuous research – During the last couple of years, I am amazed how the profile online changes so fast. It is important for your online presence to keep looking at what is going on

Customer Relationships

I put QVAC in here because all dealings with customers and clients are crucial. If I go to a restaurant for years and then go there one night and the service is below par I am most likely to give it a miss next time. I try my best to complete work for customers in good time and with lots of kindness thrown in. So important for the future of my business.

Market Place
When we look at social media and lead generation there are many ways to analyse your customer or avatar. I have just put some examples of where I need to provide content. This will take time to gain momentum. I feel this is a good thing. I need to really understand who wants my services and work

Multiple revenue streams are the future. I’ve sketched in a few ideas. I am sure you have many of your own. It’s good to brainstorm on this over and over again as you get to understand the audience that will begin to emerge.

So this is a small summary that shows how I am piecing my ideas together. There are many more threads to this basic model. I just want to give an idea that may help you get started. I will expand on some of these points over the next few weeks


Build a business like you build your art — Art a Business

Inside to out planning PTLARTS


Now unlike many amazing characters on the internet, I am not able to offer you a quick win. The issue for me has been searching for a place in my heart that is aligned to working online with my artwork.

So it is interesting that most people decide in a few seconds whether they want to continue to stay on an image whilst browsing on the internet. There are some great guys on the screen who shock you into watching them and then convince you that there answer to your problem is in their domain and if you hang in there you will get some of it.

The reason there are not hundreds of artists trying to do that is I guess it just doesn’t fit. I notice even with my own paintings that it can take quite sometime before I really like them. I will be pleased that I have completed them but it takes time to build a relationship.

To a degree, this must be the same for most visual artists in the fine art arena.

Long term relationships build trust

So what do we do about this dilemna? I am coming to the conclusion that you do what I am doing now. Make attempts to build the relationships that will enable a growing number of people to see your work on a regular basis. Consequently, I am hoping that you will be one of those new friends that will be able to see my work more than once and appreciate it and maybe show someone else.

So this of course only one part of the business model. Let’s have a look at a summary of what I have been talking about in the videos up until this one.

So I have made this sheet to reflect the way I approach the beginning of a painting in my process of working.

I start from the middle of the canvas. So I have put Why in the middle of the canvas. This is few words to get me started.

Why – I do recommend checking out Simon Sinek on YT for his talk through the why on a business level. I put why in the middle because at times we can forget this. My why is that I want to do three things consistently in everything I do with my art practice


So Reveal your Brand or the artist within you. For your business brand is a great way to start because we all understand what that might mean. For an artist, it is useful always to generate new ideas. This could be a broad range of work to appeal to a wide audience.

We can reveal the talents we didn’t know we had. Maybe on video for example
Reveal our weak areas so that work can be done to become able to tackle new things

Let’s create value for ourselves and others.

Of course, take these points if you find them useful and expand on them. This will begin to open some doors in your heart.

inspire yourself- This may be different for each one of us. I enjoy watching inspirational videos and instructional ones too. I find it much easier to take it all in. Hence I do a blog and a video. It becomes important to allow our potential clients to have different ways of connecting with us

Inspire others – Online this can be content where you share your work and process

Create value for others — Content and selling them your work !!


Social media — Build up an understanding of how the platforms can work for you. Think BRAND and let your personality begin to shape your online presence. It is amazingly powerful when you come across someone who is willing to share their lives without banging on about taking your money.

Start to talk about your plans to those around you. Be surprised at yourself

1-2-1- connection with working artists.

So this is my first stab at showing you where I am going with this. I feel more confident in allowing time to get this show on the road. As an artist who has a desire to be at the centre of my workflow, this is a great option to use the incredible resource that we have right in front of us.

These are exciting times indeed


Art and Wellcare – Art a Business

Making Paintings improves my wellness

The advantages of making paintings have obviously improved my wellness. I had been pushing myself to exist in the economic growth environment and be one of the box-ticking members of society for a number of years.

During this time and on reflection, struggles were challenged. Many of these have been beneficial to the development of aspects of my character but not necessarily much use to my general health. This manifested as a heart attack that happened on Christmas day, 2013.

Here was a final call to action. Over the years a number of events occurred that most cognisant beings would have recognised as a loud call. My programming was what some might describe as a protestant work ethic. Others may discuss them as a clear case of denial.

Breakdown to Heart Failure

Ten years before the heart failure I had a breakdown. I was sitting staring at my computer in an office; frozen and pale. A work colleague came into my room took one look at me and suggested that I went home. I got in my car and burst into uncontrollable floods of tears. I hadn’t really slept properly for many years and my body was not producing the necessary chemicals to help me do this.

I was off work for quite a few months and decided that I should quit my job and do something different. I have three children who were at this point 6,8, and 10 years old. I made perfunctory explorations into more valuable means of supporting them. Then I went back to work on a part-time basis, still with the determination to change.

Quite quickly part of my consciousness decided that the job wasn’t that bad and after all, I knew how to get by. I then went back to full-time with the decision not to do any extra work. OH, that goal had a huge hole in the net. Before long I had a job with twice as much responsibility as the one that had put me in the situation to start with.


So clock forward 7 years and I had a seizure. Long story short nothing was diagnosed. I kept having minor episodes but this denial response continued.

Fortunately for me, two years later heart failure stopped me working. Even then my employers tried to get me back for a year. I had many times where I nearly did just that!!!! Amazing how strong this programming is.

At the same time, I started to draw and then paint. Amazingly I started to sell paintings. A light went on and I realised that if I applied myself at some point I could have a great life based on my artwork.

Time to Help Others

I set up a small business and to my credit, the first two years saw a small profit with no impact on my domestic costs. That was quite an achievement.

Last year I thought it would be cool to get online with my story and see what developed. So here I am with a new website that I have built

I am on the second iteration of a free online course that shares some of my ideas on how to paint. Through this process, I am beginning to feel that not only can I help people paint but I may also have the tools and personality to help people get their creative endeavours up and running.

At the same time, I hope to introduce people to the possibility of changing this wiring preferably at a quicker rate than it has taken me.