Paint what you see not what you think you see

Paint what you see….

Paint what you really see, not what you think you ought to see;….. Claude Monet

This resonates with what I have been saying to my students over the last few months. Naturally, I feel that any wisdom that manifests is already existing. Especially in the world of art. It really helps me when I have a realisation that resonates with a well thought out observation. This is the best way to learn by doing. My eyelids go heavy if it is an intellectual exercise !!! Continue reading

3 Ways to Motivate Creativity

3 Ways to Motivate Creativity

Are you grabbed by the title of this short article? Already interested in the notion that you can be motivated. What is this motivation in creativity anyway?

I am a visual artist. To be precise, I have developed a practice in painting. When I do something, I prefer to go further than dabble. I have met many hobbyists who are creating extraordinary work. They prefer to not be public in their endeavours. This maybe is due to the success that they already enjoy in other areas of their life. Continue reading

Is Painting Intellect or Instinct ?

Is Painting Intellect or Instinct?

The more I investigate what I actually do while I am painting, the more amazed I become. Certain realisations float to the surface of my conscious mind. All day long thoughts are pulsing between the synapses related to aspects of my emotional and physical relationship with the world I live in. Continue reading

Complaint – Easy Route – Lousy Outcome

Complaint  – Easy Route Lousy Outcome

Wake up in the morning feeling like you haven’t really slept. Oh, its because I was upset last night just before I went to sleep, or maybe the neighbours were on the jolly because the weather has been hot. So does that give them the right, on a Sunday, to keep everyone awake with their music blasting? Well, I wouldn’t mind if they at least warned us. I mean, surely they planned it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue reading