Make a Painting in Acrylic, Oil or even Watercolour that you will be proud of

Learn through a simple process how to create a great painting even if you don't think you are creative

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Were you at school and really enjoying making a picture when someone lent over your shoulder and said "YOU CAN'T DRAW FOR TOFFEE"

There are many reasons why we can believe that we are not creative.

When I was young, I was encouraged to be creative. As I progressed in education,  the confidence I had was eroded. Know that feeling? Some people could come up with the goods straight away and went on to be successful at what they were good at.

When I got old enough to leave school, I was reminded that I would never make a living at being creative. I understand the complications of having a made to fit all system of education is unreasonable. The corporate and working world is also starved of creative foundation. I did my best to fit in with that, trying my best to succeed. I didn't fail but survived.

 I had a heart attack on Xmas day 2013 at the age of 55.

I decided to start drawing and then painting. Incredibly I now have a studio and have successfully delivered paintings to all four corners of the globe.


 I have been lucky. So Paint4Real is about painting and the process that I engage in. Developing all the time, I wish to share as I learn in an accessible way.

I firmly believe that creative activity enables us to transform our lives and help us re-programme some of the negative patterns that we inherently have adopted.

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Paint4Real Courses

Paint4Real Courses cover a number of mediums. Take time to make a great painting. If you follow the proven process you will be amazed. Starter courses in Oils Acrylic and Watercolours for FREE if you dig the experience go deeper with support and mentoring from Patrick in person


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

When you join PTLARTS  you will receive a link that will give you access to the free courses and lifetime access to the learning site. You will also be able to join the closed FB group that will share FB live painting session from Patrick Turner-Lee and maybe other artists as time goes by. Loads of inspiration and maybe some new friends

Lifetime access for free

You will have access to the free material that will be modified on a regular basis so you can check the process that you are following. Gradually you will develop your own personal process

Different medium training

A chance to have a go at 3 different mediums with varying techniques, tricks and basic understanding for the beginner. Opportunities to go on with guided and engaged mentoring if you desire

Improvement in personal Wellness

A bi product of painting is an increased awareness and gradual improvement of your senses. All of your senses become more purified and consequently this has an amazing impact on the way you see and feel the world

Confidence that impact your whole life

If you stick with the process of creating a painting and show your friends the impact on your confidence will be amazing. Again this can impact on your decision making on many levels

Have a great  course

Paint4Real an Overview

Over 4 modules you will see the process I generally follow for all my paintings


Module 1: What you need to paint

The materials and technical aids that I find really useful for making a painting are covered in Module 1 so that you are able to tackle the rest of this short course and make a painting to be proud of. 

In module 1 we bust the myths about a need for a lot of money and materials to make a start. 


Module 2: Work towards an image on the whole of your canvas

Now the stage is set we can get to work on the image. The setting where you are going to work will change over time and become an important part of your process. Gradually you will feel a deep joy at your workstation wherever it is.

Module to lays the foundation for the rest of your painting. You will find where it sits and also some tips and trick about keeping it simple


Module 3: Developing the harmony in the piece

Module 3 is building on your foundation. This can be a chance to really begin to express yourself on canvas. We are using acrylics on this course so a great time to experiment. You have the basic structure of your work in place, so this is an experiment.

Every painting is like and experiment


Module 4: More detail and where to next

In Module 4 it is time to assess where we are at with the work. The beauty of Acrylics is that we can continue to build on what we have in place.

We will review where we have been through the course and have a chance to reflect on our journey to get to this point. We will make a plan for the future and you can hear more about the next learning possibilities. Have a great journey 

About The Course Teacher,
Patrick Turner-Lee

In 2013 on Xmas day Patrick had a heart attack. During his recovery he started to draw and then paint. Although always a creative in many ways Patrick was completely new to painting. By the end of 2014 he started painting with oils and immediately found that people were interested in his work.

Now Patrick has a studion in Brighton and takes on commissioned works. He has sold work in Washington, Tokyo, Ohio, Milan, Bonn and all over the UK.

He now has a really healthy diet and takes regular exercise and attributes this outcome to his commitment to creative endeavours. So the courses that he runs are full of wisdom and kindness, with an underlying desire to lead all that work with him to happiness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I paint with oils they are so messy?

Is it possible to have direct lessons to help me in my painting?

I've looked at Watercolour paint and brushes and they seem so expensive even for starters?

Can You Put Example Questions Here? 

Do you have to paint on canvas?

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Your personal note

Like any endeavour it is always difficult to continue. Life gets in the way. Believe me I know about this and it took a heart attack to finally convince me that I need to live my life the way that I really want to.

For me this is an ongoing challenge but I am certainly looking at things as if they have just begun. The great thing is that when you decide that you want to change then things really do improve.

Have a look at the painting programme I will be working on it a lot this year. It has taken a while for me to get this together and I will be so pleased if you can see some benefit to the outcome.